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6 Social Media Tips for B2B Companies

July 31, 2015 | By: MBurge

The popularity of social media is on the rise, and for good reason: it works. It helps contribute to inbound marketing by building relationships with potential (and existing) customers, encouraging them to click over to your site, and getting them to sign up for your email marketing campaign.  That’s how it works in a perfect world. But in the real world, the path from prospect to paying customer is not so linear and many different tactics within one strategy must work together to bring a fan o... Read More

Your Guide to Effective Business Blogging

July 29, 2015 | By: pbcseo

Business blogging has been around for years now. But that doesn’t mean that business blogging is always the best option for your company or that your business is making the most from this marketing effort.The statistics do a great job of telling you why your business should have a blog:81% of digital marketers believe business blogging is a critical business process.46% of people online read blogs at least once a day.57% of companies surveyed gained a new customer through their blogs.79% of com... Read More

How to Improve Employee Retention

July 27, 2015 | By: MBurge

As a small business owner, the team you surround yourself with can either make or break your vision. With a growing business, comes a growing need for finding the right people to fill the necessary positions to keep the machine running smoothly. The trouble is that finding the right employees is simply not enough.Employee retention is essential to business growth and success. Whether you are noticing a high employee turnover rate, or you are simply looking to proactively ensure retention, there... Read More

3 Reasons to Locate Your Office Space in Chicago, Illinois

July 24, 2015 | By: MBurge

Chicago, Illinois is the third most populous city in the United States. While bigger isn’t necessarily always better, the large population provides a diverse range of customers and opportunities for businesses of all kinds. This means that if you are thinking of starting a business, you should definitely consider locating your office space in Chicago.But before you make your final decision, here are a few things you should know about the business climate before starting your business in Chicago... Read More

6 Customer Appreciation Ideas for Your Small Business

July 22, 2015 | By: MBurge

Do you know what the two most powerful words in the English language are?“Thank you.”It’s a phrase that opens doors, cements relationships, and makes an impression that people remember for a long time. That’s why it’s so important to say thanks to your customers and say it in just the right ways.If you’re not sure how to show customer appreciation, skim the list below for some inspiration. Thank them sincerely and you’ll effectively express your gratitude while encouraging them to stick around.... Read More

Establishing an Office Layout Strategy

July 20, 2015 | By: MBurge

Have you ever considered the overall effectiveness of your office layout? For many small businesses, it seems like a non-issue. But the truth is that the layout of your office space is directly linked to the productivity and well being of those who work in that space.In fact, your office layout effects a couple key factors of your business, including:ProductivityEmployee engagementTeam buildingCompany cultureCommunicationEfficiencySo how do you go about achieving the best possible results for y... Read More

The Rise of Newport Beach Shared Office Space

July 17, 2015 | By: MBurge

It seems like the rise of the shared office space, in Newport Beach offices and elsewhere, has come out of nowhere. A report from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association notes that America started out with one coworking space in 2005 and since then, hundreds have popped up all over the country.But why is this way of working becoming so popular? For small startups and even a few larger companies, coworking is clearly the wave the future and the reasons below explain the shift.Affordab... Read More

Determining Your Office Dress Code

July 15, 2015 | By: MBurge

For some companies, the office dress code is unspoken. But when you are first starting your business, or when you start bringing on new employees, it may be necessary to clarify how you expect your employees to dress when they come into work.Having a clearly defined dress code alleviates confusion and ensures that your office presents cohesion. It is also a great way to display your company culture.Before you determine which office dress code suits your business, here are some definitions for t... Read More

6 Office Productivity Tools For Your Small Business

July 13, 2015 | By: MBurge

Throughout every task, project, and collaborative effort, at least one theme is constant: productivity. Employees and managers are expected to get more done is less time than ever before, which is why office productivity tools have been popping up all over the professional landscape.While situations, companies, and needs differ, the tools listed below can offer the solutions you’ve been looking for so that you--and your team--can have more results to show for every day that you’re on the job.1.... Read More

Locating Your Business in Torrance, CA

July 10, 2015 | By: MBurge

Doing business in the highly saturated Los Angeles area can be very intimidating for budding businesses. While there may be some debate about the business friendliness of California, that does not negate the fact that Los Angeles County alone is home to more than 244,000 businesses. And many of those businesses are located in the city of Torrance, which offers a convenient alternative to nearby LA.If you’re looking to start or move your business to a quiet Torrance, CA office, here are a few th... Read More

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