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5 Tips for Boosting Employee Productivity

February 21, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

We all know how hard it is for employees (and maybe even for you) to stay productive during the holidays. Maybe you just gave up, let it happen and swore to get back on track in the New Year.But what if that New Year’s resolution has still not taken effect? What if your employees still seem in holiday mode and can’t buckle down to business? Plus, if you have any football fanatics they may have gone straight from holiday distractions to obsessing about the Super Bowl (some estimates put the cost... Read More

Protect Your Business from Disaster

February 12, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

Here’s a scary statistic for you: 95 percent of companies experienced a data outage in the past year. Here’s another one to rattle your entrepreneurial nerves: 32 percent of IT administrators do not test backup solutions for effectiveness.Now let’s look at the impact of natural disasters on small businesses: Did you know 2,700 small businesses applied for disaster loans due to Hurricane Sandy? That helped save many of them—but not all. About 30 percent of the small businesses affected by the Hu... Read More

4 Ways to Have a Productive Virtual Meeting

January 31, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

We’ve already covered tips for having a productive meeting such as planning ahead and turning off distracting tech toys, but how do you stay productive when one or more people aren’t even in the same room? How do you engage participants who are across the country or even around the world?In its semi-annual State of the Modern Meeting Report, Blue Jeans Network, a video-centric collaboration service, found the five most common business uses for a virtual meeting include:Team meetings, especially... Read More

Does Your Business Website Need a Makeover?

January 27, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

Is it time to give your business website a new look? If you haven’t updated your website in a few years, the answer is probably “yes.” A study earlier this year by Online Marketing Coach found that the vast majority of small business websites aren’t effective at driving business because 70 percent have no calls to action on their home pages.Common mistakes small business websites are making include:82 percent don't reference their social media profiles on their websites;27 percent don't include... Read More

Get It Together With Project Management Tools

January 22, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

Do you struggle to coordinate deadlines, schedules, data and documents among yourself, your employees and your freelancers, contractors and clients? If so, you’re not alone. Keeping everything straight when your team doesn’t all work in the same place can be confusing. Fortunately, there are tons of project management tools out there to help.Before choosing a project management tool, here are some things to consider:What’s your budget?There are plenty of free options out there, as well as paid ... Read More

Questions Not to Ask In An Interview

January 07, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

If you’re new to the hiring process you might think you can ask the job candidate anything that will help you determine if you’re making the right hire. But asking seemingly “innocent” questions could land you in hot water with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). To ensure fairness and to make sure no one’s being discriminated against, the EEOC has very specific guidelines when it comes to what employers can and can’t ask during a job interview.Here are five things never to... Read More

3 Steps to Hiring an Independent Contractor

December 27, 2013 | By: RLesonsky

With today’s technology, it’s harder than ever to tell which businesses use virtual workers and which have employees in their offices. That’s great news for your small business, because even if hiring full-time employees isn’t part of your current plans or current budget, you can use independent contractors to help you solve immediate staffing issues.Even better news: You have plenty of fish in the freelancing sea to choose from. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Government Accountability ... Read More

How to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

December 24, 2013 | By: RLesonsky

What’s the secret to getting and keeping customers? It hasn’t changed much since business began. No matter what tools or technology you have access to, attracting and retaining customers boils down to building lasting relationships. All else being equal, people do business with people they know and like. So how can you start a new customer relationship off on the right foot?Get introduced.Finding customers through referrals is half the battle to building relationships. When you and your new pro... Read More

Need Help? Try Hiring Your Family Members

November 05, 2013 | By: RLesonsky

You need help in your small business, but you’re reluctant to hire employees with all the potential problems that entails. Have you considered hiring your family members instead?There are some real advantages to hiring family, including potential tax breaks, greater loyalty, and the possibility of keeping your business in the family when you’re ready to retire or sell. (The most recent PWC survey of family businesses found the majority are optimistic about the future and expect their businesses... Read More

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