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Setting Up Your Small Business For Success in Aventura, Florida

February 16, 2015 | By: MBurge

Starting a business venture of any sort comes with a lot of uncharted territory. For some, finding the right financing option is the ultimately challenge, for others it might be locating the perfect office space to spark the most business growth. And for those who have never done so, it can often be difficult to determine the best way to legally structure your business to get it off to a good start.So before you begin your Florida based business, learn all your options to set your business up f... Read More

Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make

April 11, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

As a small business owner, you want to keep every hard-earned dollar you make. But some common mistakes you’re probably making when preparing your taxes could be costing you money—or even red-flagging you for an audit, a new poll by Xero reports.How can you stay on the IRS’s good side—and stay solvent? Here are some dos and don’ts:Don’t:Wait until April and then scramble to get organized—that’s a recipe for disaster.Do:Now that April 15 has come and gone, you need to start planning for next yea... Read More

5 Financing Options for Your Startup

March 06, 2014 | By: MBurge

One of the most difficult things associated with starting your own business is finding the funding needed to open your doors. There are many options available to you to help finance your startup business. Each of the following financing options available for your startup have pros and cons associated with them, but any of them may provide you with the funds that you need to begin your entrepreneurial dream.1. Personal ResourcesAn obvious source of capital for your startup business is funds that... Read More