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The Elements of an Effective Meeting Room

June 10, 2015 | By: MBurge

Whether it’s an informal staff meeting or a crucial client presentation, where you choose to hold these discussions has an effect on how the meeting goes. The right meeting space encourages candid discussion, creativity, and smooth transitions between all of your agenda items. The wrong space can create an uncomfortable atmosphere physically or mentally for all involved.Make your space work for you by looking for the characteristics of an effective meeting room.Consider the Type of Meeting You’... Read More

Are Your Business Meetings Effective or a Waste of Time?

December 19, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

A couple years ago, a research firm reported professionals lose 31 hours per month to unproductive meetings. That's four work days each month. How do you rate when it comes to business meetings? Do your employees or clients look like they’re daydreaming or do you see them checking their phones and watches? Whether you’re having a meeting with employees or with clients, to make sure you get the results you’re looking for in your business meetings, here is a simple checklist to follow:Notificatio... Read More