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The What and Why of Company Culture

October 15, 2014 | By: MBurge

If you’ve been anywhere, except for maybe hiding under a rock, you’ve heard the term “company culture” come up again and again over the past few years. It is a huge buzz-term in the business industry and something that we’ve seen as a growing obsession and a topic of many blog posts, studies, and conferences. We’ve even discussed maintaining company culture during rapid growth in the past.But sometimes we talk about certain terms of business so much, that we fail to really clearly define it, an... Read More

Pay It Forward Labs' Santa Monica Mentoring Event - July 2014

July 24, 2014 | By: MBurge

Premier Business Center’s wants to invite you to one of the largest and most respected business networking events in Santa Monica, California! We are excited to be co-hosting Pay It Forward Labs’ The Biggest Mentor Networking event. We strongly believe in helping our clients succeed in their respective businesses, and this networking event is one way of doing this by providing valuable opportunities to be exposed to experienced mentors with solid business advice, as well as strategic business pa... Read More

Mobile Fit Camp in Santa Monica, CA

May 15, 2014 | By: pbcseo

Premier Business Centers is excited to be a part of the Mobile Fit Camp this Friday, May 16, 2014 from 1pm-9pm in Santa Monica and we'd like to invite you to come for free!The purpose of this event is to combine the best of new mobile technologies with the latest fitness techniques. The EXPO will allow networking and conversation with industry experts about new technologies that can help you stay in shape. There will be customized workout areas throughout the event that will allow you to experie... Read More

Springtime Client Appreciation Day

April 18, 2014 | By: MBurge

Here at Premier Business Center's Airport Executive Suites location in Irvine, CA we don't just tell clients how we feel about them, we show them how we feel by hosting a special event day we like to call Client Appreciation Day!This month we had a Spring themed get together to take a break from all the hard work that goes on in our office space. Not only did we have delicious food and drink, but we also had an egg hunt inside the building! Our egg hunt included the traditional candy prizes, but... Read More

Maintaining Company Culture During Growth

March 06, 2014 | By: MBurge

Sustaining the core values of a company's culture is an integral part of the company's continuing success. In the beginning, a startup is defined by its founders, and its initial expansion may be fueled by taking on friends and ex-classmates as personnel. If the business takes off, though, and grows out of the initial startup phase, you are faced with the necessity of hiring talented new employees who can help take it to the next level.Bringing in new personnel while at the same time maintainin... Read More

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