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4 Networking Groups to Jumpstart Your Beverly Hills Business

March 09, 2015 | By: MBurge

Considered one of the most affluent and idyllic places to live and work in the world, Beverly Hills is known as a home for the famous and fortunate. It can also make a spectacular place for your business to call home with its varied options for luxurious and prestigiously located office space.But if you’re going to set up shop in this 6 square mile neighborhood, you’ll need to know how you can network with other businesses owners and potential customers. Luckily, there’s no shortage of opportun... Read More

Resolved: A Better Business in 2015

January 07, 2015 | By: RLesonsky

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for yourself? How about for your business? If not, it’s time to get cracking. Here are some resolutions that will make any business better:Resolve to hire the help you need.If you’re the only one working in your business, your business can only grow so far. Worse, if you’re the only one in your business, you’ll get stuck working “in” your business rather than working “on” your business—that is, strategizing and planning for the long term. Hiring doesn’t ... Read More

3 Ways to Make the Most of Networking Events

November 26, 2014 | By: MBurge

Networking events can become a way of life to some small business owners and entrepreneurs. But for the rest of us, networking can be awkward and also a very time consuming endeavor. Getting the most out of a networking event is important, especially when you have fairly limited, and very valuable, time.1. Choose WiselyYou’re a busy person. You don’t have time to attend every networking event that comes your way. So choose wisely and have goals that relate to the type of event you're attending.... Read More

How To Build Office Camaraderie

September 29, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

Why should you care about office politics and relationships? Isn’t avoiding all that drama one of the reasons you started your own business in the first place? But as the saying goes, no man is an island, and there are many reasons to build camaraderie in your small business’s shared office space. You never know when you might need help moving a piece of furniture, answering a phone, or even just someone to run ideas by. Most important, office mates can be a great source of referrals and recomm... Read More

What's Your Personality Defect?

September 01, 2014 | By: RLesonsky

What’s the biggest flaw in your personality? This isn’t a job interview, so don’t say something like “I’m too organized” or “I’m too nice.” Now that you’re heading your own business, you may inadvertently become the boss or vendor you’ve always hated.Do your clients avoid meeting with you in person or have they inexplicably left you for a competitor, even if you did an awesome job? Are you rude and don’t know it?Small business owners are so busy worrying about growing their businesses, self-ass... Read More