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6 Social Media Tips for B2B Companies

July 31, 2015 | By: MBurge

The popularity of social media is on the rise, and for good reason: it works. It helps contribute to inbound marketing by building relationships with potential (and existing) customers, encouraging them to click over to your site, and getting them to sign up for your email marketing campaign.  That’s how it works in a perfect world. But in the real world, the path from prospect to paying customer is not so linear and many different tactics within one strategy must work together to bring a fan o... Read More

6 Customer Appreciation Ideas for Your Small Business

July 22, 2015 | By: MBurge

Do you know what the two most powerful words in the English language are?“Thank you.”It’s a phrase that opens doors, cements relationships, and makes an impression that people remember for a long time. That’s why it’s so important to say thanks to your customers and say it in just the right ways.If you’re not sure how to show customer appreciation, skim the list below for some inspiration. Thank them sincerely and you’ll effectively express your gratitude while encouraging them to stick around.... Read More

6 Office Productivity Tools For Your Small Business

July 13, 2015 | By: MBurge

Throughout every task, project, and collaborative effort, at least one theme is constant: productivity. Employees and managers are expected to get more done is less time than ever before, which is why office productivity tools have been popping up all over the professional landscape.While situations, companies, and needs differ, the tools listed below can offer the solutions you’ve been looking for so that you--and your team--can have more results to show for every day that you’re on the job.1.... Read More

20 Business Quotes to Inspire You!

July 08, 2015 | By: MBurge

There comes a time in the life of every entrepreneur when a sale was lost, a product flopped, or you’re simply discontent for no reason.Failures and occasional ennui are both a part of the landscape as an independent business owner, but they’re still discouraging. Instead of replaying the series of events that led to misfortune or losing sight of your purpose, it’s healthier (and more productive) to extract valuable lessons from bad experiences and remember the reasons you set out on this adven... Read More

The 3 Best Reasons to Start a Business in Las Vegas

July 02, 2015 | By: MBurge

While “Sin City” is known as a glittering oasis of neon lights,  flashy entertainment, and over-the-top casinos in southern Nevada, it also has a business-friendly side that’s made it known as the new Wild West of entrepreneurship. Since the recession hit Las Vegas, it’s been one of the top cities in the country to come back from it and has become a promising place to start small businesses--and it’s thanks in part to the reasons you’ll see below.1. Tax BreaksOne of the most popular benefits of... Read More

Twitter vs. LinkedIn: Which is Best for Your Prospecting?

June 29, 2015 | By: MBurge

Nowadays, social media is one of the most popular places for salespeople to find prospects. But lately, the competition for the number one site has been on the ropes between Twitter and LinkedIn. Conventional wisdom says that LinkedIn is obviously the most important social network for salespeople. But is that really true?LinkedIn, with it’s 364 million users, and Twitter, with it’s 302 million users, are both in a rush to get the most people on their platforms. But even though LinkedIn has more... Read More

Why Email Automation is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

June 24, 2015 | By: MBurge

Marketing your business is a never-ending task that tends to get pushed to the backburner despite how important it is to growing your business. With so much for an entrepreneur to fit into a day, it@s hard to add blog writing, social media management, and email campaigns on top of it.Luckily, there@s an answer to this conundrum: email automation. You can create messages when it works best for you and schedule them to send all on their own. It@s the digital marketing version of, @set it and forge... Read More

How to Begin the Search for Office Space

June 17, 2015 | By: MBurge

For many companies, the decision to move into professional office space is a landmark step in their development. Whether your needs are for an occasional workspace, or a full-time place for your business to call home, the search can get complicated fast.That’s why we’ve put together some guidelines on how to get started on finding the perfect office. We hope they’ll bring some clarity to the process and help you find what you need faster.Determine Your BudgetDeciding how much you can comfortabl... Read More

5 Hidden Keys to Excellent Customer Service

June 05, 2015 | By: MBurge

For so many companies, customer service comes in the form of either a passing afterthought or a cripplingly detailed and out-of-date training manual. But treating this aspect of your business as simply an extra task to take care of is wasting a golden opportunity to boost your brand image, learn how your company can do better, and most importantly, keep customers happy.Instead of turning to rote memorization to learn a list of policies, try instilling attitudes like the ones below in the cultur... Read More

Start Your Orange County Small Business in These 4 Industries

June 01, 2015 | By: MBurge

With more than 3 million people living within its borders, Orange County is the third most populous county in California. But that’s not all it has to boast: with a highly-skilled workforce, strong business environment, and wealthy residents, this county is the perfect place to start your dream of opening your own Orange County office doors every day and owning a small business.However, it’s still true that there are more opportunities for some types of businesses over others in this coastal co... Read More

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