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3 Big Business HR Trends to Apply to Your Startup

3 Big Business HR Trends to Apply to Your Startup

Human resources trends in big businesses have been changing in recent years, mainly due to ever-more-sophisticated technology, a fluctuating economy and interconnected global finances. Some of the directions large corporations are taking in solving their HR conundrums are open to smaller businesses as well.

Here are some big business HR trends you should consider applying to your startup.

1. Talent Analytics

Talent analytics is a term referring to the use of comprehensive computer data in human resources. In the past, decisions on hiring and firing were made on the basis of corporate culture, instinct, past experience and unsubstantiated assumptions.

For example, recruiters sought potential employees with top grades from highly-regarded universities. However, a study done by analysts in a large company showed that sales performance had little to do with grade point average or which university the employee attended. Instead, successful salespeople were those who completed their education regardless of grades or the college's prestige, turned in a grammatically-correct resume, had successful sales experience and could work in an unstructured situation.

You may not be able to afford sophisticated big data analysis for your HR department, but you can take a close look at your employee retention, performance and leadership potential with an open mind and assess what priorities in hiring you should really focus upon.

2. Informal Environment

You should engage employees in the workplace in order to integrate them into the company's culture as soon as possible. To do this, avoid hierarchical stiffness and allow employees to use their talents to their maximum advantage. Encourage them to take advantage of opportunities, use their initiative and make a difference. If they need guidance, step in as a mentor. This sort of recognition in the workplace draws dedicated employees attracted by the dynamism and room to grow.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Now that computers have made the necessity of many workers' on-site presence unnecessary, many big businesses offer key employees the opportunity to set their own hours and work at least part time from home. As a startup, you can attract talented personnel by offering the same perk. In fact, you may need less office space if some of your employees work remotely.

Taking the time to study the HR trends of big business can help your startup enhance its recruitment techniques and attract key talent.

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