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3 of the Most Significant Changes in Business by IT

3 of the Most Significant Changes in Business by IT

Whether your company is a startup or a long-established business, to continue growing nowadays you need to consider the impact of information technology. Technology continues to change rapidly, and utilizing the latest innovations ensures success in a rapidly evolving virtual business environment. Here are some of the most significant changes to business that information technology has brought about.

1. Virtual Offices

A virtual office is conducted via your computer or laptop instead of a physical environment. This allows you to use less office space or forego having an office entirely. You have access to a larger talent pool, as your employees can work from nearly anywhere in the world. You have a chance to test the virtual waters before you invest in a large infrastructure. Since all your work is online, you can continue to work while on the move. You will still need a business address at which to receive physical mail, a place to park your printer and scanner, and perhaps a receptionist. If you cannot set this all up yourself, there are virtual office services available that offer receptionists, virtual assistants, a physical business address, mail scanning and other help.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an integral part of a virtual office. Instead of storing your business data on a hard drive, you upload it to the Internet. This allows your employees to access it, with the proper credentials, so they can collaborate remotely on the same project. Public clouds are run by cloud providers that offer security and infrastructure maintenance. Private clouds are those you build within the walls of your own company's system. However, these are more expensive, as you have to build your own data center. Many companies adopt a hybrid approach, using both public and private clouds to supply their shared data needs.

3. Internet Advertising

The Internet has revolutionized the traditional advertising industry. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest expose your products and services to hundreds of millions of potential customers. Search engine optimization, or SEO, allows you to focus your advertising efforts to those who have need of your products. No modern business can afford to ignore the power of Internet advertising.

Information technology’s impact on the work environment can be used as a positive to further the success of your company. By keeping up with these changes in technology, your company will be better able to serve your clients.

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