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3 Must Haves for Freelancers

3 Must Haves for Freelancers

Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom to explore different opportunities in your work. You work as an independent consultant, meaning that you are not tied down to any one boss but have the flexibility to choose different assignments and gain experience with different types of work. This freedom, however, comes with a price. The independence you get as a freelancer is balanced by the need to maintain a professional appearance to present to potential employers or clients in order to be taken seriously. Here are 3 must-haves you should consider as a freelancer to help with your image and make you more attractive to potential clients.

1. Maintaining a Professional Email Address

A professional email account should be set up for your freelance contacts. This helps you prioritize and maintain a separation between your personal contacts and those with whom you are establishing a professional relationship. You can create a professional email account for your freelance persona through your business's website, if you have one already, or you can purchase an email address with a business name on a standalone basis.

2. Setting up a Virtual Office

A virtual office is a definite must-have for a freelancer. A virtual office is a type of set-up that can give you access to mail services, a fixed number of hours in an office building on a weekly or monthly basis, access to a conference room and many of the services that a business that leases office space enjoys. Virtual offices are available in many areas and can be an affordable option to help enhance your freelance career.

3. Using a Phone Service

One of the things that you must do as a freelancer is have a professional phone service. This doesn't mean you need to obtain an office and hire a receptionist (though you may decide you want to as business picks up). You can enjoy the advantages of having an office phone without the need to invest in space by setting up a virtual phone account. If you set up a virtual office, a virtual receptionist is usually part of the package. If you aren't interested in the use of a full virtual office, there are many services available that allow you to set up a business-only phone line with a number that is separate and distinct but routes your calls to the phone you use the most.

By implementing these three strategies, your business will appear more professional and reliable to potential clients. This signals to your clients that you are a legitimate contender in the business world.

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