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3 Questions to Ask About Your Customer Service

3 Questions to Ask About Your Customer Service

Is your small business’s customer service up to par? Today, clients and customers have many choices for where to take their business. That means it’s crucial to not only measure up to but to surpass their expectations when it comes to customer service. Here are three key questions to ask yourself to ensure your service is top-drawer.

1. Can customers easily reach you whenever they need to?

Make sure your customers have multiple ways to contact your business so that whether they’re on the go, at work or relaxing at home, they can reach you on the spot. Customers want to contact you in the way that feels most convenient for them—whether that’s email, a phone call, an in-person visit or online chat. Provide all the options that might appeal to your target customers.

 2. Can customers help themselves?

Not every customer likes the self-serve option, of course, but these days, more and more customers (especially younger ones) like to get information, make appointments and make purchases by going online, instead of dealing with a live person. To cater to these self-sufficient consumers, make sure your business website includes all the information customers are likely to need to learn more about your business and ultimately buy. Create a help section that guides them through common problems or procedures and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that answers common questions. Use an automated voice-mail or phone system to record various information so that customers get answers to frequently asked questions, by simply pushing a button.

3. Do you follow up after the sale?

Good customer service doesn’t end when the invoice is paid or the product ships. Keep customers coming back by following up after the sale to make sure everything was as promised, ask if the customer needs additional help and even suggest follow-on products or services they might want to consider. Use customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as ContactMe or Zoho CRM  to set reminders and even automate this process so your follow-up doesn’t slip through the cracks. By being helpful without being pushy, you can build a lasting customer relationship.

If your small business falls short in any one of these areas, take steps now to improve your customer service—or you’ll soon lose customers to competitors who measure up.

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