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3 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Your Business Grow

3 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Your Business Grow

At one point in time, it seemed as if you couldn't open your email inbox without seeing news and advice about putting your business in “the cloud.” Now that the hype about cloud computing has calmed down a bit, how are small businesses really using the cloud to grow their businesses? Here are three of the biggest reasons to consider cloud computing if you’re not already using it.

1. To Save Money

Using the cloud to store files and data can save a substantial amount of money compared to physical storage. Having your financial information stored in the cloud can also help you keep track of your expenses, receivables and how your business is faring at any moment from anywhere. You’ll also save on utility costs you would normally pay to keep your own on-site servers and storage running. Finally, you won’t need the IT staffing usually associated with the necessary onsite hardware involved in data storage. Yes, you pay a monthly fee to have the cloud kept in tip-top shape, but not nearly as much as an IT tech’s salary.

2. To Give Your Business an Advantage Over the Competition

According to a new NetSuite study, 81 percent of U.S. businesses cite cloud computing as a competitive advantage over rivals. The study, Disrupt, Collapse, Transform: The Role of the Cloud in Industry Transformation, polled multiple executives in various industry sectors worldwide. Overwhelmingly, respondents agreed the cloud has given them a competitive edge, especially when it comes to entering new markets, and has helped them react more quickly and effectively to change. Because the cloud can grow as your business grows, it allows greater flexibility to adapt to your needs.

3. To Have Peace of Mind

There are so many worries a small business owner faces daily. Where to keep their critical business information shouldn’t be one of them. The peace of mind of automatically having your information and applications maintained and updated with the latest bug fixes and technology can help you sleep at night. Cloud storage should also be a part of every business’s disaster plan. Being able to access your data even if your building no longer exists can mean the difference between business death and business survival.

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