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4 Groups to Help Your Los Angeles Business Grow

4 Groups to Help Your Los Angeles Business Grow

Los Angeles is great place to start a business, or in some cases, move a business.

It is the third largest metropolitan economy in the world, and is known as the “creative capital” of the United States. Los Angeles is a potential gold mines of clients and not only that, but knowledge that will help your business succeed.

When growing your business it is important to find groups that will provide you with valuable connections and important information. And while social media has definitely contributed to being able to network with like minded entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially sites like Linkedin, there is still nothing like meeting up with a group of like minded individuals face to face. Personal interaction will always have the upper hand over any other sort of online interaction, and can not only help you get leads for your company, but also gives you the chance to learn new ways to run your business.

These groups can give you insight into the minds of seasoned business people, as well as those who are new to the business world and full of new, unique ideas. Here are 4 groups you should check out in Los Angeles:

1. Luxe Executive Los Angeles Entrepreneurs

This is one such group that can help you get connected in the Los Angeles business scene. It is a great way to learn how to attract opportunities and build a strong business. The meetups are fairly inexpensive, typically $5 and are rather infrequently posted. The real gem is the discussion board where there are often free or discounted events posted for members to take advantage of.

2. Business Influence Group, Inc.

This group provides you with your own personal circle of advisors, marketers, and referral sources, along with networking skill development, business building mentoring, training on public speaking, individual and group coaching, and the list goes on. The group was built on the idea that instead of always trying to pitch a sell to the other people in the group, their purpose is to have members who want to serve and provide value. BIG teaches you how to do this in an effective manner, and provides a group of others who are effectively networking as well.

3. America’s Small Business Development Center Network

This resource helps small businesses by hosting events and workshops. Some of the workshops include SEO, social media, mastering Quickbooks, how to write a business plan, tax seminars, and the list goes on. They also offer valuable online resources such as free online training, and Top 10 Business Tips that vary in topic and may be valuable tools for your business. Not only will you be meeting up with others who have similar goals as you do, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn a lot while you’re at it.

4. LA Business Networking Group (LABNG)

This group boasts over 2,000 members and provide benefits to their community members that are geared to encourage a successful outcome for all its members. These benefits include a strong community focused on business relationships and getting to know fellow members. Membership is free, and they typically hold weekly events. Other nationwide meetup groups like LeTip and Network After Work also hold events in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas as well. It is a prime spot that is full of great opportunities for all kinds of businesses. If you’re looking for Los Angeles office space or Los Angeles coworking to help jump start your business, or even just a business presence through a virtual office, schedule a tour or contact us today at 1-877-697-8483 and we will help you find the perfect office space or level of business presence for your unique business needs.

About the Author: Jeff Reinstein has been the CEO of Premier Business Centers since October 2002. He has been instrumental in growing the business from 9 locations to over 70.

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