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4 Networking Groups to Jumpstart Your Beverly Hills Business

4 Networking Groups to Jumpstart Your Beverly Hills Business

Considered one of the most affluent and idyllic places to live and work in the world, Beverly Hills is known as a home for the famous and fortunate. It can also make a spectacular place for your business to call home with its varied options for luxurious and prestigiously located office space.

But if you’re going to set up shop in this 6 square mile neighborhood, you’ll need to know how you can network with other businesses owners and potential customers. Luckily, there’s no shortage of opportunities available.

1. Leads Club

The Beverly Hills chapter of Leads Club is a networking meeting that meets weekly. With only one member per category, there’s no competition for referrals and other members are free to use your products or services.  Every person gives a 30 second speech on their business and refers leads to potential customers. Professionals, business owners, executives, managers, and salespeople can all benefit.

2. Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Networking Breakfast

Once a month, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce hosts a breakfast where chamber members can get to know each other and their businesses better. Keep a pulse on the local business community and generate buzz for your company by being one of the first members to pre-register and pay. You’ll have the chance to market your company’s products or services to professionals in attendance from a variety of industries at the meeting.

3. Network After Work-Los Angeles

With LA nearby, plenty of networking opportunities are available here, too. Try the local chapter of Network After Work, which meets for a weeknight mixer every month in restaurants, clubs, and hotels among other locations. Bring plenty of business cards for this business casual meet-and-greet style event and prepare to meet professionals of every career level from a variety of industries.

4. Downtown LA Toastmasters

The local Toastmasters chapter is an old standby for a reason: it’s professional networking and professional development all rolled into one during a weekly meeting. While you’re getting to know other people, improve your presentation, leadership, and communication skills from other professionals also intent on improving themselves. You might just lose that stage fright along the way!

Because so many entrepreneurs and small businesses in Beverly Hills and beyond rely on networking for a variety of reasons, choosing the right group to spend your valuable time in is crucial. So whether you’re focus is on leads, connections, fun, personal development, or all of the above, one of these networking groups is bound to help you meet professionals you can truly connect with.

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