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4 Reasons to Move Your Business Out of Your House

4 Reasons to Move Your Business Out of Your House

Has starting your home-based business been a dream come true? With today’s technology, clients can’t tell whether you’re working from a high-rise executive office suite or virtually from your spare bedroom. And you’ve saved on startup expenses as well. Or, are you not feeling the love for the home-based business anymore? Is running your company from home actually hurting your business? Here are four signs you need to move your business before it’s too late:

  1. You’ve outgrown your home office.

    The most obvious reason to move the business out of your home is lack of space. Whether you need space for more equipment, files, or a creative workspace, you know when the spare bedroom or dining room table just won’t cut it anymore. Ask yourself if you’re turning down business because you don’t have the room or if the clutter is not only creating a disorganized workspace, but interfering with your living space as well.

  2. You need to meet with clients and the local Starbucks isn’t the ideal environment.

    There’s only so many times you can meet for coffee or have lunch meetings. And how comfortable are you having work conversations in a crowded, noisy coffee shop anyway? Meeting with clients requires you maintain a consistent professional presence. If you’re renting office space more than a few times a month, it may be worth it to move permanently.

  3. A P.O. Box is not giving the right impression.

    Are you using a post office box address as your business address? Has an unsuspecting client ever tried to drop in because they were in the neighborhood? An office—and address—in an executive office building adds to your credibility and professionalism.

  4. You need to hire.

    Virtual employees are a great money saver, but at some point you’ll want to hire someone to work next to you. Asking an employee to come work at your home infringes on the rest of your family and may not make the employee feel very comfortable either.

When you do decide to move your business, make sure you let clients know your new address and play up the fact your business is growing. Invite your important clients to a little celebration in your new office space and post some pictures on your social media accounts.

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