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4 Traits That Make Both a Great Dad and Entrepreneur

4 Traits That Make Both a Great Dad and Entrepreneur

With Father’s day just around the corner, it only seems fitting to shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurial dad. Many very successful entrepreneurs often credit their fathers for passing on their entrepreneurial spirit to them, inspiring them to succeed, and it only seems fair to focus on some of the traits that make these dads so great, both at family life and the business world.

There is an automatic assumption when discussing entrepreneurs that they are overly busy workaholics who never go home. And from that comes this idea that entrepreneurs either don’t have families, or are terrible father’s, which is simply not the truth.

Here are a few traits of entrepreneur Dad’s (and even Mom’s) that translate well into both the home and business setting.

1. Passion

Entrepreneurs embody passion. That is why they started this long and often terrifying journey in the first place. Being passionate about your business does not make you any less passionate about your family. These are both major components of your life, and successful Dad entrepreneurs are truly passionate about both.

2. Time Management

Technology is amazing. It allows you to work in your backyard from a handheld device while pushing your kid on the swing. While this is not always ideal, it is a real possibility.

Entrepreneurs are always juggling priorities and time management, so the best Dad entrepreneurs know that there is a time and place for everything. Dad can spend time with the kids in the evening, then at 9pm when the kids pass out, get back to work.

3. Transparency

Creating a healthy company environment is similar to creating a healthy home environment. There must be transparency and trust in both.

4. Creativity

Starting a business and solving all the problems that come with it requires a great deal of creativity. That same creativity is great for playing with your kids and encouraging them to think up their own ideas and worlds.

Being an entrepreneur and a parent is no easy task. But they are not mutually exclusive and just because you're an entrepreneur does not mean you can’t also be a successful father. Translating these traits into both realms of your life will make you both a great entrepreneur and a great dad.

About the Author - Jeff Reinstein is the Chief Executive Officer of Premier Business Centers, an office space provider dedicated to giving businesses the tools and space they need to grow. When he's not at work he enjoys spending time with his family.

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