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5 Reasons to Keep Your Training Session Separate From Your Office

5 Reasons to Keep Your Training Session Separate From Your Office

Every now and again it is important to take a moment to get everyone on your team up to speed on the latest happenings within your business. Even if you’re a small business, a team meeting or a training session can be an effective and valuable way to spend an hour or two. There is nothing worse than having a poorly aligned company when all it would take is a small slice of time every month or so to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

The trouble is your office space is often not enough room for everyone to meet comfortably, and it also provides a whole range of distractions and issues when it comes to your meeting. So here are 5 reasons to move your next in-house meeting to a training room:

1. Boost Creativity

While you’re office may be one of the most bright and cheerful places ever, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get old after a while. Sometimes it is important to switch up your space and generate some new fun ideas and experiences outside of your typical setting. New spaces can evoke new ideas, so this can be very beneficial to getting those creative juices going.

2. Avoid Distractions

Having an assigned space for your training event can help cut down on the distractions your office has to offer, whether it be the constant phone ringing or the emails coming in, your employees probably need to be taken away from their daily tasks so that they can focus on the information at hand. Otherwise, you’re only going to have a small part of your employees attention.

3. Waste Less Time

If you already have a training room set up, and you set a time for your meeting or training session, then you are cutting down on the time it will take for your employees to set themselves up comfortably in your office space. Instead, all they have to do is choose a seat, cutting down on the preparation time that your employees might be dragged into.

4. Bring Everyone Together

In your office space, most likely everyone is going to be sitting around in different chairs, whereas in a training room you can all sit at a table together. This creates more of a sense of community, and allows everyone equal footing instead of being shoved back in the corner because there’s not enough room for everyone to sit in a circle in your office space.

You might also consider rows of chairs facing the front if you have a larger group, a layout that definitely would not be possible in your office. So whether you choose to sit around a table, or face the front, both of these options will probably work better than randomly sitting around an office.

5. Technology Perks

Most training rooms will have the technology you need to watch videos or view slideshows and other presentations on the big screen. They also usually offer technical support if something goes wrong, a luxury that your day office might be able to pull of, but probably not as seamlessly.

Next time you need to hold a meeting for your employees, consider what the most efficient and beneficial way to host that meeting will be. There is already speculation that meetings are a huge time waster, but if planned properly your employee training does not have to be.

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