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5 Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty

5 Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty

Are you struggling to find new customers or clients? Of course, every business needs new sales leads, but you might be ignoring one of the easiest ways to boost your sales—selling more to existing customers. Rewards programs can help you do that.

Restaurants and retailers use loyalty tools like punch cards and mobile apps to track customers’ purchases and provide rewards, but there are plenty of ways to reward customers even if you don't have a physical location customers come to. Here are some ideas:

1. Membership has its privileges.

Everyone loves special treatment. Encourage your customers to sign up for a VIP program and give the members rewards such as free products or services, discounted prices or free downloads of whitepapers and ebooks. Depending on the value of what you offer, you might even be able to charge a fee for VIP membership!

2. Buy more, save more.

When customers reach a certain level of spending, offer them a reward such as a gift with purchase or a discount that can be redeemed on the next purchase. An alternative reward could be a percentage discount for large orders, such as 4% off a purchase over X amount and 6% off a purchase over Y amount.

3. Celebrate your customers.

Hold a “customer of the year” celebration with a special luncheon or dinner where you honor your best customer and the runners-up. Give the customers a chance to make speeches and share how your business has helped them grow.

4. Save the date.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Batchbook or ZohoCRM makes it easy to track customers’ important dates, such as the day they began doing business with you or their birthdays. Remember special dates with a gift, card or special offer.

5. Go old-school.

Check in with your loyal customers regularly with a phone call, lunch invitation or even a personal note. In our social media age, taking the time to pick up the phone or write a note is a memorable way to keep customers close.

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