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6 Office Productivity Tools For Your Small Business

6 Office Productivity Tools For Your Small Business

Throughout every task, project, and collaborative effort, at least one theme is constant: productivity. Employees and managers are expected to get more done is less time than ever before, which is why office productivity tools have been popping up all over the professional landscape.

While situations, companies, and needs differ, the tools listed below can offer the solutions you’ve been looking for so that you--and your team--can have more results to show for every day that you’re on the job.

1. Dropbox

This cloud-based tool allows you to save files on your computer and put them in Dropbox where they’ll automatically synced with all of your other devices. No longer must you remember to take your USB thumb drive with you when you leave the office, or email yourself documents in order to work elsewhere.

Additionally, Dropbox allows you to store image, music, and video files and send them to whoever you want--even if they don’t have Dropbox!

2. Google Apps for Work

This suite of apps is a helpful starter kit for businesses just getting off the ground, or ones that simply don’t want to set up all the basics of company communications one-by-one. The basic program includes business email addresses, video and voice calls, calendars, storage, text documents, slides, and spreadsheets.

You can also share files easily with teammates and work on that file simultaneously, seeing any edits in real time.

3. Basecamp

If you’re looking for a simple project management tool, Basecamp could be your solution. It allows users to be added to different company projects, assign and complete to-do’s, and contribute in discussion threads with other teammates and clients.

A handy calendar also allows everyone to see what is due when, preventing miscommunication and providing clarity.

4. Hootsuite

For your company’s social media needs, Hootsuite gives you the power to have all of your profiles in one place, complete with messages sent and scheduled. It’s also easy to see the engagement your posts have received, reply to direct messages, and of course, post or schedule messages right from your dashboard.

Hootsuite saves time by allowing you to complete all social media tasks without logging into individual profiles one at a time or going back and forth between networks to compare results on each one.

5. Boomerang for Gmail

Just like how Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to send, Boomerang lets you schedule emails to be composed and sent at just the right time. You can also archive important messages, clean up your inbox, and set follow up reminders so that a message never slips through the cracks.

6. Campfire

A web-based chat tool, Campfire allows everyone on your team to chat to each other without hassle. Unlike many other group chat tools that have to be downloaded and installed, this one allows you to set up and run much more quickly since it’s all over the internet.

By having a way for team members scattered across the office or across the globe to talk to each other quickly, you’ll save time and make their workdays more productive.

By integrating some or all of these tools into your company processes, you’ll see more work get done faster. Your team will appreciate the ability to talk to each other more easily, work where they want to, and stay in the loop. Ultimately, taking advantage of opportunities to stay productive keeps you and your company on your game and ahead of the competition no matter what industry you work in.

About the Author: Jeff Reinstein is the Chief Executive Office of Premier Business Centers. He has helped the company grow from 9 center locations to more than 70 since he first joined the team in 2002.


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