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6 Reasons You Should Care About Google Plus

6 Reasons You Should Care About Google Plus

You probably already have a presence on Google+ since Google makes it almost mandatory to have an account if you want to use any of its other applications. But if you’re still debating whether or not you should spend time putting content on Google+, the answer is yes--because if you care anything about Google rank and authorship, it’s a must. Google+ is not going anywhere soon: As of October 2013, it claimed approximately 540 million monthly active users out of 1.1 billion registered users.

Here are some more things about Google+ you may want to know:

Google+ affects your SEO:

After page authority, Google+ “has the highest correlation with searching rankings for a URL of any factor.” Yes, even more than keyword usage! Google uses Google+ to discover new content (which is crucial since Twitter stopped letting Google use its data). Share on Google+ and you have a better chance of moving up in search result rankings.

You need it to comment on YouTube:

YouTube is the most popular online video platform, and now you are required to have a Google+ account to comment on the video channel.

You can still be considered an early adopter:

Since Google looks at time spent on Google+ as a contributing ranking factor, you’ll have the advantage of being considered a first-mover with your content.

Don’t worry about original content yet:

Since you have no way to know if Google+ users have seen any of the content you post on other social media networks, go ahead and repurpose what you’ve already shared on those platforms.

Looking for a video chat option to connect to customers and vendors?

“If you're looking for the best group video chat feature available anywhere, look no further than Hangouts,” says Ben Fisher, cofounder of Steady Demand. “Group discussions are a snap—simply select a person or people you want to talk to and initiate the call. That's it. Everyone with a camera appears on screen, and the quality of the video can go up to full HD depending on your Internet speeds. Any user can share his or her screen with the group at any time, and documents can also be shared with a few clicks.” Google Hangouts is free to use.

Easy Google integration:

If you use any of Google’s various apps on a regular basis, like Gmail or Google maps, you’ll find all of the programs work together seamlessly.


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