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6 Ways to Gain Your Customers Love For Your Business

6 Ways to Gain Your Customers Love For Your Business

February is the month of love, so now is a good time to ask yourself this key customer service question: “Am I showing customers the love?” Clients today need an emotional connection with your business in order to stick around. Here are 6 ways to get warm and fuzzy and show your clients and customers the love.

1. Hire right.

You can teach people your systems, but you can’t teach them to be nice. Whether you’re hiring virtual customer service reps or in-office employees, make sure everyone who interacts with your clients is a “people person” who truly enjoys making others’ lives better.

2. Pay them back.

Customers love to feel rewarded for their loyalty by earning gifts, discounts and deals. Thanks to apps like LevelUp and Spendgo, it’s easier than ever to keep existing customers happy by paying them back with points, perks and special offers.

3. Go above and beyond.

Don’t be stingy, charging for every little thing you do for customers. No one likes to be nickel-and-dimed to death. Try offering free advice and information that helps clients solve their most pressing problems, and you’ll win their love. For instance, an accountant could provide information online to help customers organize their receipts so their tax preparation appointments go more smoothly.

4. Simplify their lives.

Today’s customers are busy and stressed, seeking to complete their transactions quickly. Whether you own an ecommerce site or a service business, think about ways you can make their lives simpler. That could mean streamlining your website’s shopping cart, allowing clients to set up appointments online without making a phone call or acceptingpayments in a variety of formats.

5. Be social.

Social media isn’t a luxury anymore—it’s a necessity that can be used for everything from customer research to customer service. First and foremost, social media offers a way to engage with your clients on a personal level. Take time every day to get on social media and respond to what your clients are saying to (and about) your business.

6. Keep in touch.

Do you passionately pursue prospective clients until the sale is made, and then they never hear from you again? Keep the love going by following up post-sale with an email, thank-you note or even a phone call, depending on the type of purchase. Ask whether the customer was satisfied with their purchase and your service, and offer something special such as a discount off their next purchase or appointment within a certain time frame. You’ll leave them starry-eyed (and ready to spend again).
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