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7 Reasons Your Sales Presentation Failed

7 Reasons Your Sales Presentation Failed

Every salesperson hopes their sales presentations will wow their prospects. As a small business owner, you count on each presentation to not only win you new business, but keep current clients as well. So, when your presentations doesn’t wow, you want to know why. Was the prospect just having an off day? Were you having an off day? Or is your problem an innate personality trait?

Before you leave your office for your next presentation, let’s examine what went wrong:

1. Did you do your homework?

Before you step through your client’s door (or they step through yours) know exactly whom you’re meeting with, if they’re the decision maker, what kind of budget they have, where their business ranks in the marketplace, what their goals are and more. Use all the market research you can so you’re prepared.

2. Did you take up too much of your client’s time?

Know how much time the client has before you begin your presentation. Being aware of time limits is common courtesy. When practicing your presentation, decide which parts you can shorten or skip and still convey the important information across in case the meeting gets cut short.

3. Did you overwhelm with too many bells and whistles?

Awesome PowerPoints, videos or demos can really add to a presentation, but if your presentation gets too complicated or goes on too long, the client may overload and tune out.

4. Did you fail to ask enough questions?

To keep your client engaged, make sure you ask questions and leave time for them to ask questions, too.

5. Did you not offer enough scalable pricing options?

Sometimes salespeople make the mistake of offering products or services the prospect can’t afford or may not want to purchase at that particular time. Make sure you offer different price points and that they are clearly outlined.

6. Did you criticize the competition?

Don’t bring the competition into your sales presentation at all, unless it’s absolutely necessary for comparison. Even then, don’t bash your competition; that just makes you look petty.

7. Did you tell a story?

All those statistics you rattled off in the presentation most likely will not be remembered after the meeting. What will be remembered are the stories you tell. Studies show 63 percent of attendees remember stories from presentations, while only 5 percent remember statistics. Tell a story about how your product or service made a difference to a client or solved a problem.


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