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8 Great iPad Presentation Apps

8 Great iPad Presentation Apps

Sales presentations are crucial for so many small business owners. So you need to make sure you’re prepared for anything the potential client throws at you.


Here are some vital things to think about when creating your presentation:

  • Who are the company’s biggest competitors?

  • Are there some timely concerns the company may have that your product or service would help with?

  • Who are the key management players?

  • What is the tone of the company? Formal or super casual?

  • How do you see your product or service fitting in?

Thankfully these days you no longer need to schlep a lot of heavy presentation equipment around with you from call to call. Instead all you need is your iPad. There are so many iPad apps that help you create a presentation to wow your clients.


Here are 8 cool iPad presentation apps you should know about:

To create and present:

Apps such as StoryDesk, Prezi, Keynote and Haiku Deck let you create and edit interactive presentations from wherever you and your iPad are—including when you’re offline. Your presentation is secure thanks to SSL encryption and after the meeting you can send the file from your iPad to your client’s iPad immediately. Your whole sales team can access presentations, too. Presentations come with analytics so if you send the presentation to prospects, you can see how they interact with it, which helps you improve it for the next time.

An added bonus is that Haiku Deck and Prezi periodically choose their favorite presentations to share with you, so you can get new ideas on creating your own. Prices range from free to low monthly subscriptions depending on what your needs are.

To simply present:

Since many small businesses use PowerPoint (or similar desktop programs) to create their presentations, maybe all you need is a better way to present them on your iPad. Many apps are available that let you view and share your PowerPoint presentations, photos, charts, videos or any files you need.

iPresent is one that also has a multicast feature, which lets you share your presentation with all other iPads in the meeting so everyone is looking at the same thing. The app also includes a rating system for viewers so you can get feedback on your presentation. CustomPitch stores all the files you need for the presentation in one app; Mentimeter is an interactive presentation software that lets you engage and interact with your audience in real-time.

Having a beautiful presentation is over half the battle. Giving a killer presentation isn't heard with these nifty apps on your side.


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