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10 Best LinkedIn Practices

10 Best LinkedIn Practices

How’s your client engagement on LinkedIn? Hopefully, this question didn’t remind you that your business doesn't even have a LinkedIn presence. According to a report by Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn was chosen as the second most important social media platform for businesses after Facebook. If you’ve ignored your LinkedIn company page for a while, it’s time to check in and make sure it’s doing its job of gathering more contacts and clients for your business.

Here are some tips to get maximum exposure.

1. Write an Eye-Catching Headline

When you’re writing headlines and paragraphs, remember to think like a journalist and make them engaging. No one likes a boring headline.

2. Post Consistently

Update often. You can post new products, new services, new ideas or any changes going on with your company. Landed a new client? Welcome them on your LinkedIn page. Set up a schedule or hire a freelancer to regularly post.

3. Add Calls-to-Action

Always include a call to action with a link. According to LinkedIn, posts with links get two times more engagement.

4. Start a Conversation

Engage your audience by asking a conversation-starting question. Ask for opinions on new ideas or who would be interested in a new product. LinkedIn can be your own focus group without the huge cost. Or ask questions relevant to your audience.

5. Put in Images

Always include an attractive image so your updates stand out from the crowd. Do a search for royalty free stock photos or subscribe to a stock photo service.

6. Include Videos

Add videos to your social updates either by taking short ones on your own or by posting YouTube videos relevant to your clients. Updates with videos get 75 percent more engagement than updates without.

7. Try Out Different Posts

Figure out what works and what doesn’t. Do your inspirational posts get more shares than your informational posts or is it the other way around? Test a few types of updates and see what sticks.

8. Reply to Comments

Make sure you respond to comments quickly and engagingly to keep the conversation going. Ask another question or provide another tidbit of information to provoke more comments.

9. Consider Sponsored Content

To reach beyond your followers, check out LinkedIn’s sponsored content options. Identify your most popular content and then sponsor it to reach out further. Then monitor your results.

10. Check Regularly

If clients reach out on the weekend, they don’t want to wait until Monday to get a response. Regularly check your page to see if something needs to be updated, responded to or posted.

Taking full advantage of LinkedIn's features can provide you with another way to communicate with existing clients and attract potential ones. Putting some of these tips into practice can give you those benefits quickly and easily.


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