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The 3 Best Ways to Create a Productive Desk Space

The 3 Best Ways to Create a Productive Desk Space

With the number of tools, books, and experts out there for sale, it’s no secret that most companies feel that they can always have more productivity. But there are ways to get more work out of every day that don’t cost money. In fact, there’s one sitting right in front of you.

Your desk can be optimized for the style and nature of your work so that you can finish more of it every time you visit your office space. All you have to do is follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating a work area that supports your efforts every day.

1. Stick With Just the Basics

The research says that a messy desk encourages creativity and a clear one boosts productivity. Why not get the best of both worlds while making your life at work easier? On the surface of your desk, only keep the items you use every day and place them like so:

  • Keep them within easy reach.
  • Group related items together.
  • Always put them back in the same place.

Placing some personal photos or a potted plant at your station have also been shown to lift your mood, which in turn keeps you achieving throughout the day. Necessary objects you don’t use daily can live in your desk drawers for easy access and a clearer space.

2. Appliances In Smart Places

If you use the printer in your cubicle or the fax machine in your personal office multiple times a day, do you have to constantly get up and walk across the room to get to it? Some creative brainstorming can lead to a solution that puts your tools close-by and eliminates constant treks to retrieve documents.

This point also applies to the office design as a whole. If your administrative assistants use the copy machine most often, it shouldn’t be down the hall from their work area.

3. Ergonomics

This is the easiest point, so there’s no reason to skip doing it! Stop whatever else you’re doing right now and instead do the following and take advantage of your ergonomic chair:

  • Adjust the seat of your chair so that your feet are supported and flat on the floor.
  • Adjust the chair back height for support to your lower back. Thighs and forearms should be parallel to the floor.
  • Adjust your monitor or laptop to sit at eye level (place it on a stand if necessary.)

Customizing these aspects of your work area will increase your productivity by decreasing back pain, neck pain, and eye strain that you might not even realize you have.

Putting all of these tips into practice will take some planning and even some trial runs. But when you do you’ll not only see your productivity go up, you’ll find doing your work every day more convenient, comfortable, and easier as well.

About the Author: Jeff Reinstein has been helping businesses grow as the CEO of Premier Business Centers since 2002. He has been an influential force in expanding the company from 9 locations to 70.


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