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Build Client relationships with Post-Sale Follow-ups

Build Client relationships with Post-Sale Follow-ups

Consumer spending was up in March—but down a bit in April, according to a recent Commerce Department survey. If your business profited from the spending enthusiasm after the harsh winter, are you following up with clients to cement the relationship? Whether you use a sophisticated CRM program to manage your sales leads and follow-ups or keep a journal of your best clients, here are six ways to build your client relationships:

1. Ask For a Review

It doesn’t have to be a formal review. You can send a short email asking how the meeting went or whether the client was satisfied with your service/product. If you want to create an email survey to follow up, there are simple online solutions to help you ask about the client’s experience and get suggestions on improvements. Following up means you care and want to help the client with additional offerings.

2. Get Personal

Not inappropriately, of course, but make it a point to ask something personal during your sales meeting that you can bring up the next time you talk to the person. Was there a recent holiday you can ask about or a sick relative to inquire about? Favorite sports teams are easy to ask about. Remembering something personal shows you were paying attention.

3. Say Thanks!

Sending a simple thank-you card or email after a meeting or a sale, which includes some additional information you believe would interest your client is always a good idea.

4. Offer Answers

There might be questions the client thought of after meeting with or buying from you. Make sure you offer your time to answer any questions. Include follow-up comments that might spur the client to further the communications.

5. Bring Up Competitors

If the client is considering going with a competitor, ask why and see if you can match the deal. You could also suggest an introductory offer or trial period so the client can test out your product or service.

6. Offer Another Idea

If you believe the client was not enamored with your business or the product/service you offered, send an alternative or a scaled-down version of what you discussed (with a scaled-down price as well, of course). Sometimes all a client needs is a little incentive or push to give your business another shot.

Taking the time to follow up with customers is just one way to provide quality customer service that can set you apart from the competition.


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