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Burbank, California: the Media Capitol of the World

Burbank, California: the Media Capitol of the World

When trying to choose a location in the Los Angeles area it can seem a bit overwhelming. Not only is Los Angeles a big city, but there are so many different cities and suburbs surrounding LA that knowing which is going to be the right fit for your company’s needs can be a tough answer to find.

One such option is Burbank, California. This city is just 12 miles northwest of downtown LA, and considered the Media Capital of the World due to the residence of companies such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Nickelodeon, NBC, Insomniac Games, and The Walt Disney Company.

Before making the decision about whether or not to locate your office in Burbank, consider these factors:


Burbank is known for being the home to large media companies, as mentioned above. But it is also home to the Bob Hope Airport, and has a long and rich history of aviation. The airport serves nearly 5 million travelers annually. This creates a large need for traveler accommodations, such as hotels, restaurants, and retail.

Recent talks have been to rebrand the Bob Hope Airport to create a closer connection with the Hollywood and Los Angeles area, as well as rebuilding the airport to be about two-thirds larger than it is currently. The current terminal was built in the 1930’s and does not follow all of the standards that are currently held at airports, including distance between the landing strips and the terminal itself. The new proposal to update and rebuild will correct these issues and it is planned to be put before voters in June of this year, and would take about 6 years to complete.


Burbank is home to the second-largest office space market in the San Fernando Valley. Although Hollywood is the symbol of the entertainment industry, much of the actual production happens in Burbank. The entertainment industry makes up the majority of the space utilized, and is a major factor in the economy in Burbank.

Top employers include the massive media companies like Disney, but other major companies include the Bob Hope Airport, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and Yahoo!.

The Community

Burbank is home to highly rated schools and hospital, The city is constantly renovating to create a better atmosphere and safer environment for its residents. This included a trend setting ordinance that required new building to have adequate first responder communications, as well as being one of the first cities to ban smoking in multi-family building that shared ventilation, or even had private balconies.

Sister Cities

Burbank has 6 sister cities, including:

  • Paterna, Spain
  • Incheon, South Korea
  • Hadrut, Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Ōta, Japan
  • Solna, Sweden
  • Gaborone, Botswana

Small Business Assistance:

The Burbank Chamber of Conference offers several events, mixers, discounts, and access to SCORE resources and assistance. But another perk of being in Burbank is the close proximity to Los Angeles and the small business meetups and networking events that are available there.

Burbank may not have the renown and reputation that Hollywood or Los Angeles have, but this city is behind-the-scenes in many of the projects and efforts that these more well known cities take the credit for. So don’t forget about Burbank when it comes to your decision about where to lease office space.

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