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Business Friendly El Segundo, California

Business Friendly El Segundo, California

Looking for an office space alternative to Los Angeles? Just South of LA is El Segundo, one of the oldest cities in the LA area. The name was derived from being named after the second Standard Oil Refinery on the West Coast built in 1911. This unique city offers any business the climate they need to thrive.

The Geography

Today, El Segundo seems divided into two cities. One half seems frozen in time with an older, downtown feel in the suburb area near the coast. In sharp contrast, the business district is a modern and thriving location that offers an affordable office space alternative to nearby cities, including Culver City, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. The city is home to many large aerospace companies, Mattel, and Fresh & Easy. It is home to the second highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in California, only rivaled by San Francisco.

Small Business Assistance

But big business isn’t the only thing you’ll find in El Segundo. It is also home to many new and innovative startups and small businesses, and the city itself does its best to encourage business growth, and offers information for starting a successful business. Other small business resources include the El Segundo Chamber of Commerce, and the South Bay Small Business Development Center.

Favorable Tax Structure

El Segundo not only offers some of the lowest business taxes in the region, but it also offers many unique tax credit incentives. These include a 40% tax credit based on sales tax generated in one year. This credit may be used to offset up to 100% of the business license tax liability in the year after being reported.

There are also no property or parking taxes, and never have been. Sales and use tax credits may entitle some companies to a sales tax credit if sales tax is collected and apportioned to the City of El Segundo, as well as a use tax credit if use tax is paid to State Board of equalization using a Direct Pay Permit.

Other Reasons to consider El Segundo for your business location:

  • Perfect for long distance travel as LAX is only a few miles away.
  • Developments in the office district include restaurants and shopping.
  • El Segundo beaches are some of the most well taken care of and least touristy beaches in California, due to the fact that the city, and not the state, cares for the beaches.
  • Has the lowest crime rate of any non-gated community in the County and one of the highest numbers of police personnel per capita of any Southland city.

When considering office space for your building, take into consideration the factors that make up the city and determine if they fit in with the culture of your business. Ultimately, it comes down to what you need for your individual business.

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