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Business Owners are Flocking to El Segundo

Business Owners are Flocking to El Segundo

Like most cities in California, El Segundo is rich in American history. Once a thriving farming community, 840 acres of its land was sold in 1911 to the Standard Oil Company for its second (El Segundo means “the second” in Spanish) oil refinery.

Still a refinery town, the city is also home to aerospace giants such as Raytheon, Boeing, and Northrup Grumman, plus satellite TV’s DirectTV and toy manufacturer Mattel. Recently named a finalist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation's “Most Business Friendly City,” the low tax rate, quick licensing and permit turnarounds, and prime location means plenty of small business owners flocking to find office space in and around El Segundo.

Reasons to Locate Your Business to El Segundo

Located on the Santa Monica Bay, immediately adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport—LAX) and close to many major LA freeways, access to transportation is an obvious advantage to locating your business in El Segundo.

Also appealing is the proximity to the popular beach cities, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Considered part of the South Bay of Los Angeles, the area is known for its beautiful beach towns and desirable residential neighborhoods.

Besides housing major businesses, the South Bay has also produced well-known musicians such as the Beach Boys and punk rock group Black Flag, and is home to high-profile beach volleyball and roller-derby tournaments.

If you are considering locating your business in El Segundo, know that the city is invested in helping your business succeed.

Strategies to Assist Businesses in El Segundo

  • City planners are committed to maintaining and developing business-friendly city policies by working closely with all city departments and numerous external agencies.
  • From a cost-of-doing-business perspective, El Segundo wants to remain competitive by keeping utility taxes low. In fact, El Segundo has one of the lowest tax structures in the region.
  • The El Segundo school district enjoys a strong relationship with area businesses, with many businesses participating in the El Segundo Education Foundation and supporting school events.
  • Securing the necessary licenses and entitlements in El Segundo is a much more streamlined process than in many of the other communities in Los Angeles County. The city recently completed software and website alterations making it possible to get your basic permits and licenses online.
  • After proactively visiting existing businesses and establishing open dialogue, El Segundo provides resources to identify and assist businesses that want help expanding their current operations.

While El Segundo may not seem to hold the prestige of better known cities like Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, it definitely has many benefits that it offers to business who choose it as home. Consider all the benefits before making a final decision.


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