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How to Choose the Right Office Space Solution to Fuel Business Growth

How to Choose the Right Office Space Solution to Fuel Business Growth

Business growth is a result of many different factors. Often, there is a fear of growing too quickly which might lead to instability. Or the opposite concern is that the company doesn’t grow enough and ends up at a dead end before it even really got started.

Factors such as employees, processes, sales, marketing, and others all contribute or damage business growth. Bringing these factors together harmoniously requires dedication. But without the right space for your business, your growth will stall.

Choosing office space can be very intimidating. Office space leases can leave you locked into one spot for 5-10 years. This is not ideal if you are looking to grow rapidly or are unsure about your future needs. This is why so many startups choose to work from their living rooms. But this setup may be sending the wrong impression to clients and potential employees alike.

So, what are your office space options for fueling, not stalling, your business growth?

Work from Home

This option always exists, and will probably happen even if you do end up with office space. This can also be a reasonable solution for any manner of businesses, although it is not the best solution for companies looking to grow.

Virtual Office Space

For many small or startup businesses, working from home is ideal. And that is okay. If you prefer to work from home, virtual office space gives you the advantage of a professional office building presence, without the cost of a full-time office. This removes the pressure of a long lease, while giving you the physical presence you need to add credibility to your business.

This solution is perfect for a company still in an early growth stage, or if you are a one-person team that doesn’t need a full-time office. And it usually includes mail handling and telephone answering.

Part-Time Office Space

One of the perks of being in the small business world or working for yourself is the flexibility to work where you want and when you want. Sometimes that freedom is one that you just don’t want to part with in favor of more traditional office space.

While this is admirable, it is not always the smoothest solution. Having access to an office space every now and again when the need arises may be necessary for your business to maintain its credibility and professional image. That is where part-time, month-to-month use of office space becomes valuable. It allows you to tailor your usage to your needs, and helps you avoid paying for what your business doesn’t need or use.

Full-Time Office Space

Renting office space shouldn’t be intimidating. Some providers offer short-term office space leases, giving you the flexibility to choose the length of your space, as well as upgrade or downgrade as needed. This gives you the ability to grow your business without the worry that lack of access to office space can bring.

As you continue to work through your office space search, be sure to consider and identify what solution you need and the level of commitment you feel comfortable with. Each company is different, so to claim office space is one-size fits all is simply not the truth. Give your business room to grow with flexible, tailored office space solutions.

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