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Choosing the Right Long Beach Business District

Choosing the Right Long Beach Business District

When choosing where to locate your business, once you've made the initial decision about what city is the best fit for your needs, you then must decide on a specific office space location and the needs that must be met. So while you might have thought long and hard about choosing executive suites in Long Beach for your business, that doesn't mean you have no more decisions left to make.

Now, while you might know what city you want to be in, you still need to decide where in the city you need to be. If being near your clients is priority, finding out the most central location to as many clients as possible is key. Keep in mind that a lot of cities, including Long Beach, have business districts that offer a unique culture and set of perks for being located within their boarders. Some of the Long Beach Business Districts include:

Bixby Knolls

This business district focuses on being an active and engaged community of business owners and residents. The close proximity to the Long Beach Airport makes it a great location for the traveling business person who desires the connected community that Bixby Knolls promises.

Events like the Literary Society and Bike Saturday offer fun and unique bonding experiences with others in the community. Bixby Knolls is also within the Long Beach Enterprise Zone which helps lower company's operating costs by providing tax credits and deductions such as hiring credits, sales and use tax credits, expense, and interest deductions.

Downtown Long Beach

Office space in this downtown area places you in the heart of the city and provides a beautiful waterfront business harbor. There has been significant investments in Downtown Long Beach which has gone towards residential developments, several reuse projects, a new courthouse, and more. All of these investments are to promote a better district to live and work in.

Not only does Downtown Long Beach offer tools for starting your business, but there are also many resources to continue to grow your business in this area.

The welcoming community offers a clean and safe downtown area, along with great transportation options and many unique and fun events. Love working in this area? You might also choose to live here, too!

Belmont Shore

This particular location hosts many events through the Belmont Shore Business Association, and looks to promote a tranquil and united place to do business, as well as reside. Right on the ocean, there are many options for shopping, dining, and just exploring.

With a clear mission statement defining the Business Association's goals, and regular meetings, this district provides a rich history and a variety of community events to help you and your business become connected and involved.

Long Beach also prides itself in having many bike friendly business districts, promoting activity and simple transportation. The above districts are just a few places to locate your Long Beach office space. Other districts include Cambodia Town, East Village, Retro Row, and more.

Choosing the right business district ensures that you have access to the resources and benefits that you need to grow your business. Negotiating office space can take a good deal of time and effort, but we want to help get you into your Long Beach office space as quickly and painlessly as possible. Contact us today for more information and you could be sitting at your desk before the end of the day!

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