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Why Cincinnati Reigns as a Top City for Small Business

Why Cincinnati Reigns as a Top City for Small Business

Sometimes good news bears repeating. When we covered Ohio in September, we gave you plenty of great reasons for locating your executive office space in Cincinnati. Named one of the best cities for small businesses in 2014 by the National League of Cities, the incentives Cincinnati offers are plentiful including being one of the most tax-friendly large cities for businesses in the U.S.

Here are a few more news items sure to boost the business landscape in The Big Red Machine:

Military Veteran Initiative

In order to increase opportunities for veterans in Cincinnati, the city administration has recently begun requiring companies doing business with the city to count the number of military veterans they employ. The information has never been tracked before, and the city hopes the initiative will take off in other cities. Recently named to a list of best cities for retired veterans, Cincinnati hopes to raise its rank even higher than number 8 for veterans who are just starting out in civilian careers and number 7 for mid-career veterans.

Mobile Banking

Banks in Cincinnati have been quick to embrace Apple Pay as a way to take advantage of the mobile payments trend. Offering the service to its customers will help businesses increase their companies’ mobile efforts and boost Cincinnati’s economy.

Movie Production

The movie industry has Cincinnati on its radar, and the impact of the entertainment industry will boost the city’s economy by millions of dollars. In fact, recent productions of feature films and a reality series will impact the economy to the tune of $45.9 million and 4,028 jobs, according to the University of Cincinnati's Economics Center. The study also lists the many ways productions spend money when they are in town, including renting equipment, location fees, transportation and travel, lodging, dining, laundry services and security guards.

Recreation Reigns

If you’re thinking about starting a recreation business, you should know Cincinnati has been named the best city in the nation for recreation, according to a new ranking from WalletHub.com. Nationwide, Americans spent more than $6.2 billion on parks and recreation in 2013, which helps build community, boost property values, improve public health and reduce pollution. Contributing to Cincinnati’s star ranking are its acreage of park land per capita, money spent at tennis courts and golf courses, affordable costs for movie tickets and being the city with the most music venues per capita.


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