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12 Cool Travel Apps for Road Warriors

12 Cool Travel Apps for Road Warriors

Business travel can be a necessary evil or a perk, depending on how you want to look at it. However, making the effort to meet a prospective client in person goes a long way toward clinching the deal and can earn a large return on investment. Fortunately, there are lots of travel apps available to help you make travel less stressful, less expensive and more enjoyable.

Here are a dozen suggestions:

For Overall Travel

Check out apps from the big five:

1. Expedia

2. Priceline

3. Orbitz

4. Kayak

5. Travelocity

You’ll notice a slight difference in savings from each, and you can book hotel, car and flights from wherever you are with your mobile device. Also look for exclusive “mobile discounts” offered for last-minute deals.

The Worldmate app does all of the above and also offers a scheduler for business meetings, world clocks, weather forecasts and integration with your LinkedIn account.

For Flight Information

If it’s strictly flight information you want, you can always check out Google’s Flight app. The free app doesn't let you book, but directs you to the cheapest flight so you can book on that website. Plus, you always see the final price (no hidden charges).

If you’re caught having to make a business trip at the last minute, Hipmunk gives airfares on an “Agony” rating, which ranks flights based on price, flight duration and number of stopovers.

For Cab Information

If you’re traveling to another city and the thought of trying to hail a cab to get to your meeting on time puts you in a panic, download the TaxiMagic app. The taxi app integrates with taxi dispatch systems in most major cities and allows you to book cabs, track the taxi’s arrival and charge the ride to your credit card.

For City Information

Want to know what to do, see and eat in a new city? You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use Stay.com’s city guide app. You can get an entire city map on your phone and get recommendations from other users of the app. The Yelp app can help find you the best restaurants, coffee shops and business services in the city you are traveling in, again with current user reviews. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good place to eat in an airport, use GateGuru, which also gives you info on departing and arriving flights for thousands of airports worldwide.

When traveling is necessary, don't let it get you down. Use these apps to have an overall better experience on your next trip.


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