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Low Cost Marketing Options for Your Small Business

Low Cost Marketing Options for Your Small Business

After starting your small business, you will most likely find yourself juggling a million components to keep your business running, and may soon begin to realize that there are a lot of things you just don’t seem to have time to do.

And one of those things is marketing.

Small businesses often place their own marketing as a low priority, especially when you have very limited time and money. But it is essential to keep marketing and selling consistently for growth purposes.

Here are a couple of options for marketing your small business without costing your business an arm and a leg. And while some require more time dedication than others, committing to following through on one or two of these items can yield results.

1. Local Events

Sponsoring a local event can be not only a highly effective form of marketing, but also very rewarding from a community standpoint. It builds your company’s profile within your community, and can be a great way to support local charities and build strong bonds.

You can also choose to just attend an event, but through sponsorship you gain media exposure and the advantage of being included in the event's marketing efforts.

Some events may end up being a little over your budget. But keep an eye out, and you may find the perfect event to invest in that will be well worth the return.

Bonus: some events will fall into the nonprofit sector, so a portion of your donation could be considered a charitable donation resulting in tax deductions.

2. Social Media

This is a free way to boost business visibility. All you need is to create a company brand page on the social media platforms that you choose to post to regularly.

Facebook and Twitter are the most common, but depending on the nature of your business, more visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram may be the best options for you. For B2B companies, LinkedIn is probably going to be your best option.

Post a couple times a week. Share useful articles from your website, or other industry sites. Post pictures of events and outings your company is involved with. Engage your community and find a voice.

3. Positive PR

Getting positive PR hits is a great way to raise brand awareness and gain some extra, free attention.

Be active and engaged in your community. Also, a lot of times big online news sources like Inc or Entrepreneur will ask for an answer to a specific question. This can generate some great buzz for your company and possibly even a link back to your website.

4. Email Marketing

This is a super effective and low cost way to produce a high return on investment. Statistics show that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing.

Email is especially powerful because it delivers information straight to your leads. Focus on what your customers and leads want to know and deliver it straight to their inbox.

5. Blogging

Having a small business blog is a great way to attract new leads and provide quality information to your clients and potential clients. Be useful on your blog and avoid focusing on your company. Instead, try to provide your clients with helpful information, tips, and how-to’s.

Make a commitment and blog once a week or so. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Just remember it will take time before your business starts seeing results from your blogging efforts.

6. Local Networking Events & Resources

Most cities hold networking events fairly regularly, and some offer a wide range of small business resources to help you get your business off the ground.

Not sure where to start? Check out networking and resource information for the following cities:

Dedicating a little time or money to your small business marketing strategy can be highly beneficial to your business growth. Growing your business takes time and dedication, and marketing is just another way to achieve your sales goals.

About the Author: Jeff Reinstein is the Chief Executive Office of Premier Business Centers. He has helped the company grow from 9 centers to over 70 since he first joined the team in 2002.

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