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Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Last year 90 percent of B2C marketers and B2B marketers used a content marketing strategy. But when asked if they thought their efforts were effective, the numbers fell drastically to 34 and 36 percent respectively. However, one method of content marketing that’s proven to be effective is blogging. No wonder that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, blogs are the fourth most popular method of content marketing behind social media, articles and enewsletters.

Adding a blog benefits your site in 3 ways:

  1. Blogs add informative content to your website and educate your customers by offering solutions to their problems.
  2. Blogs keep a site dynamic by periodically adding new content to an otherwise stagnant website, which can organically improve your website’s search ranking.
  3. Blogs can be optimized for SEO which also helps boost your site’s search ranking.

But is a blog the right content marketing strategy for your business’s website? The short answer is, adding a blog couldn’t hurt.

Blogging can be beneficial in ways you never thought of, such as:

Sharpening Sales and Marketing Skills

When you’re creating content about your products or services, you’re focusing on the details of your business. This may help you come up with benefits you never thought of before that you can use in all of your marketing efforts—not just on your blog.

Forces You to Think About Helping Your Clients

And not just trying to make a sale. As you become more customer-centric, you’ll be more in tune with what customers want—which, in turn, helps you sell more.

Draws Prospective Clients to Your Business Website

Blogging helps bring visitors more often and can even increase the time spent on your website. The more a prospect explores your site and what you have to offer, the more interest he or she will have in buying from you. And a blog just adds to what you have to offer.

Encourages Discussion

Finally, because blogs include space for clients to comment, you’re encouraging discussion—and discussion often leads to building a community, which then leads to more sales!

Ultimately, having a blog that is updated regularly can increase your sales and build your company's reputation. Not sure what to write about? Gain some ideas for generating content and get to blogging!


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