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Downtown Dallas vs. the Suburbs: Choosing Your Business Location

Downtown Dallas vs. the Suburbs: Choosing Your Business Location

Deciding where to locate your business is a data-heavy study in square footage costs, high-speed Internet access and more. But when you’re deciding whether to locate your business in a big city like Dallas versus a smaller Dallas suburb like Frisco, Texas, other factors come into play. Will the 30 minutes distance between these locations offer more opportunities for your small business or fewer?

Whether you lease office space in Dallas or Frisco, here are some pros and cons to weigh in your decision:

Where do you live?

It’s always nice to have your office close to your home, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of hours working. (If you’re a startup, you will be putting in serious time.) Factor your commute time into your decision. If you plan to work flexible hours, traffic may not be an issue, but you’ll still be putting wear and tear on your vehicle. Take a drive from your home to Dallas or any other location you’re considering during the rush hours to see what kind of commute you can handle.

Where are your clients?

If most of your clients are in Dallas, then it makes sense to locate there if you plan to visit their offices or have them come to yours. If you’re running a business where you don’t need to see your clients very much, locating in a smaller suburb could work, too. McKinney, Texas, for example, has attracted some large businesses like Raytheon, so if you’re looking for subcontracting opportunities, check out whether the hometown feel of McKinney is for you.

What resources are available?

Do a quick Web surf and see what each city has available as far as small business resources such as training and counseling. The SBDC and SBA have presences in many Texas cities such as Dallas and Frisco, but not in McKinney. SourceLinkDallas.org lists many networking and training seminars taking place in Dallas.

What kinds of networking opportunities are available?

Besides the people in your office building, you may want to network with other business owners in your location. Research the business networking organizations in various locations and see where you might fit in. You can even visit a few of them before you make your decision.

What kind of transportation is available?

The closest airport to Frisco, Texas, is in Dallas, so if air transportation is important to your business you may want to be closer to the big city. If you’re looking for public transportation for yourself or future employees, Dallas also has a light rail system called DART.

It is entirely up to you to gauge what your business location needs to work for you. Starting with these questions can help you determine whether you should be located in Dallas or Frisco.


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