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Establishing an Office Layout Strategy

Establishing an Office Layout Strategy

Have you ever considered the overall effectiveness of your office layout? For many small businesses, it seems like a non-issue. But the truth is that the layout of your office space is directly linked to the productivity and well being of those who work in that space.

In fact, your office layout effects a couple key factors of your business, including:

  • Productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • Team building
  • Company culture
  • Communication
  • Efficiency

So how do you go about achieving the best possible results for your business? Here are a few ways to maximize the effectiveness of your office layout.

Determine Objectives

You can’t have it all. Decide what the most important objectives are for your office layout to accomplish. If you value a focus on team building over efficiency, your layout is going to look very different than if those values are reversed.

Identify Limitations

While it may be ideal for everyone in your company to have their very own, separate office, that is just not always monetarily realistic. In the same manner, while you may prefer to have everyone in one large room, it again may not be realistic to simply knock down walls to create that space. Other limitations may be more specific to your company based on the job functions and duties your employees must complete.

Consider Logistics

Once you have done these first two steps, then you can get into the nitty gritty of actually implementing changes in your office layout that reflect your company culture and objectives.

First, consider convenience and efficiency. Are there certain office equipment items or individuals who need to be located in close proximity? Let’s say you are working towards better marketing and sales team alignment. Instead of having your marketing team on one end of your office, and your sales team on the other, instead place the two teams in the same section of the office together.

Also, if you have a specific employee who often handles faxing, printing, and hard copies, to ensure that employee is located near the printer for maximum efficiency.

Taking simple things like these into consideration when arranging your office can ensure that your employee increase productivity, and decrease wasted time walking across the office to retrieve copies from the printer.

And, if you have to make a choice between an arrangement that is more efficient and one that builds your team more effectively, use your predetermined objectives as your tie breaker.

Office Equipment

Choosing the right office space furniture and equipment is another important factor of your office layout. Purchasing furniture that works with the space is important to getting the most square footage out of your office, and avoiding wasted space.

Purchasing desks with plenty of surface space is essential, and also ensure that desk chairs are supportive and comfortable for your employees.

Another factor to consider is communal spaces. Ensure that your office has a break area where employees can eat lunch and recharge. Also, ensure that there are meeting spaces for client, department, or other meetings.

Office layout is not a one size fits all arrangement. Instead, take into consideration your business’s unique challenges and needs in order to make the best decisions about your office layout.

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