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Try Exercise To Boost Productivity

Try Exercise To Boost Productivity

Putting in the long hours required to run a successful small business is a given, but are you putting your health at risk by not exercising enough? Surprisingly, entrepreneurs are more likely to exercise than other on-their-feet professionals like teachers or nurses. If you always “intend” to exercise more, but have trouble getting started, here are some tips:

Schedule Exercise Into Your Workday

A recent study by the University of Minnesota found that exercising while working can boost productivity. The study analyzed the effects of walking on a treadmill during the workday and found that overall employee productivity and health improved when employees worked at a desk refitted to have a computer, phone and writing space above a treadmill.OK, maybe you don’t need to work while on the treadmill but having one in the office so you can hop on from time to time might be just the boost you need during the day. Studies show midday exercise is best for boosting productivity.

Get Outside

When the weather is nice, exercising outside is not only refreshing, it usually involves using more muscles and burning more calories than indoor exercise. In studies, participants who exercised outside scored higher when it came to vitality and enthusiasm and were less likely to be tense or depressed.

Download Some Apps

Download the MapMyRide and/or MapMyRun app on your computer and mobile device to find suggested exercise routes near your office or while in any city. If you can’t break away from your desk, download the Instant Fitness app which has over 600 exercises and 100 workouts you can do anywhere.

Make It Cardio

Even 10 minutes of cardio exercise can pump the blood needed to your brain for an extra productivity boost. Take a break and walk the stairs in your building or jog in place. Other cardio exercises you can do in the office include jumping jacks, squat jumps and stepping up and down on a small stool. You might even invest in a punching bag for the office to get out some of your frustrations.

Keep Hand Weights Under Your Desk

A recent study found that people who did moderate to high-intensity strength training showed a significant increase in how fast they processed information. The best combination is aerobic and resistance exercise to give your brain the biggest benefits.

These tips can help boost not only your productivity, but the morale in the office if you encourage employees or office mates to join you. And remember that exercise is only the beginning. The right food can also boost energy and productivity.

Photo Credit: hoozone/iStock/Thinkstock
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