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How To Find The Right Employees

How To Find The Right Employees

Finding the right employees for your small business is integral to the success of your business because, after all, you can’t run a business without employees.

When you run a small business, your employees become like a family. However, with a small business, you are looking for both personality and skills for your team. And each team member’s personality plays into how the rest of the team behaves which, in turn, affects productivity.

It affects productivity in that if you have a group of unhappy employees that are less likely to put effort into their work and are more likely to quit. And a group of happy employees reflects positively on your business because they will eagerly put in the effort to be productive and, thus, take pride in a job well done.

When it comes to finding the right employees for your small business, there are no sure-fire techniques. However, there are some techniques that will put the odds of hiring the right employee in your favor.

The Job Description

Crafting a well-written job description is one aspect to attracting the right person from the beginning. When writing a job description, don’t write about the dream qualities that you want your dream hire to have. The problem with doing this is that:

  1. You may not get many applicants because not many people can meet all the qualifications. Remember that every additional qualification reduces the number of qualified candidates.
  2. The applicants you receive may lie because they feel that to get an interview, they need to embellish their resume and cover letter to meet all of the qualifications.

The job description you craft should provide the job title and describe the actual job. It can also include what you are looking for in a candidate or the type of candidate who would work well. For example, if the person is required to work evenings or weekends or must be able to multitask in a busy office or must be willing to help on tasks outside of the hired position, this should be put in the job description. Potential candidates who work another job or are unwilling to multi-task or take on jobs outside of their job description won’t bother to apply for the job.

Also, it is a good idea to mention whether the company culture is corporate or casual. Some people do not like the structure of a corporate culture whereas other people need the structure a corporate structure provides. By describing the culture, people know what to expect when they apply to work for your company.

The Interview

After you have narrowed down candidates for the job, it is time to start the interview process.

One of the secrets to a great interview is letting the interviewee do most of the talking. Too often, the interviewer is doing too much of the talking. The interviewer spends too much time explaining the company, the culture, and the job position. All this information is necessary, but you have to get the interviewee a chance to talk. By letting interviewees talk, you will learn more about about their personalities and characters.

Also, be sure to ask the right questions. Ask what their last manager would say about them if the manager was called right now. Also, ask why they left their last position. The answer to both questions will provide you with additional insight into this person.

The Background Check

So, you have found the employee who you want to hire, and you feel that your instincts will tell you whether or not something is not right about this employee. Sometimes your gut instincts are correct, and sometimes they are not. But when it comes to something as important as hiring a new employee, use your instincts, but also do a background check.

A background check can save you heartache. You can learn whether the person you hired actually has the degree that they say they have. You can also learn whether the person has actually worked the jobs listed on the resume. There is nothing worse to go through a hiring process and discovering that the person who you hired is not capable of doing the job or, worse, has a history of stealing from past employers.


Hiring employees is never an easy process, and there aren’t any guarantees. However, by following some of the above advice, it is possible to put the odds in your favor.

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