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Finding Small Business Help in Bellevue, WA

Finding Small Business Help in Bellevue, WA

An ideal location for many businesses to call home, Bellevue’s economy is driven by four major industry sectors: Information Technology, Business Services, Retail, and Tourism. Bellevue is home to many successful and well known companies, including Expedia.com, Onyx Software Corporation, and T-Mobile, just to name a few. It is also within close proximity to Redmond, the home of Microsoft and Nintendo, as well as Seattle.

No matter where your business is located and how well you ultimately prepare for all the possible outcomes of your business, you cannot foresee them all. That is why it is absolutely essential to look into the small business resources of the cities you are considering for your company’s home, to make the most of what it has to offer. Bellevue offers a highly business friendly climate for you to grow your business in. Some of the resources available in the city include:

The Small Business Administration

One of the most valuable offerings is the free, individual counseling that the Administration offers a few days each month through SCORE. Other resources include loan programs, tips to registering your business, and ongoing mentorship.

Bellevue College

This college offers a variety of courses specifically meant for entrepreneurs and small business. Courses include Accounting, Mobile Marketing, Persuasion, Personal Branding, and more. They are designed to equip small businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

The Eastside Business Association

This association is meant to support businesses by providing mentoring, networking, and marketing. They pride themselves in their high quality members, and offer strategic leadership, support, tools, resources, and community involvement to ensure business success.

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

A champion for businesses, the Chamber of Commerce offers business consulting and referrals to professional services. They also offer workshops and guides to assist in creating and executing a successful business plan. The Chamber also offers a Bellevue Entrepreneur Center, perfect for the startup business.

Also, keep in mind that the close proximity to the emerald city, otherwise known as Seattle, provides a wide range of resources as well. Bellevue and Seattle often come together to provide powerful assistance to the small businesses in the area with resources, networking opportunities, and more.

Whether you’re considering locating your office space in Bellevue, or you’ve been located there for a while now, these resources can help you through the ups and downs of owning a small business so that you can continue to gracefully grow to have a strong and thriving business.

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