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Getting Your Startup Going in San Diego, CA

Getting Your Startup Going in San Diego, CA

Ranked the number one place to launch a startup in 2014 by Forbes, San Diego, California is an epicenter of business beginnings and growth. Forbes determined their list by evaluating a number of criteria, including: small businesses as a percentage of total businesses, the percentage of businesses in high growth industries, and the percentage of small businesses with Facebook pages and websites. This allowed Forbes to determine that San Diego is a desirable area for entrepreneurs to flock to due to community engagement and the amount of innovation.

And it definitely doesn’t hurt that San Diego provides small businesses with a wide array of resources to help out baby startups or encourage growth in more mature companies.

These Resources Include:

North San Diego Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

This resource has everything you need to know about starting and building your San Diego business. Not only do they offer workshops, but they also offer online courses with specific topics that can assist you in your business journey. Whether you need assistance with your finances, marketing, or legal structure, these tools will be invaluable to get your company going.

San Diego Business Resources

This B2B networking group provides a place for top-quality, non-competitive businesses can come together with a focus on improving the profitability of each member. This is a great resource for building connections and receiving and sharing experience and advice.

SCORE | San Diego

This free resource is essential for getting the proper help you need, in whatever form you need it. Whether you participate in local or online workshops or you need an expert to mentor you in person or by email, you can find the help that will assist your specific needs at SCORE. And if you want to give back, volunteer to be a mentor, lead workshops, or provide operational assistance as well.

The City of San Diego

San Diego is dedicated to helping small businesses flourish and succeed. The City understands that small businesses boost the economy and improve the community’s quality of life. Because of this, the City focuses on creating opportunities for businesses to succeed.

San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Being a chamber member gives you access to a network of nearly 3,000 businesses and a wide variety of benefits and savings programs. Attend a variety of networking events, workshops, and training events, as well as receiving discounts and recommendations for services your business is sure to need.

If you’re determining where to situate your business for maximum success, consider locating your office space in San Diego, California. And if you already have a local business in San Diego, be sure to take advantage of the networks and resources that are right under your nose.


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