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Give Your Social Media Presence a Checkup

Give Your Social Media Presence a Checkup

Social media trends are changing all the time. Is your business keeping up? As we start a new year, now is a good time to give your business’s social media presence a checkup.

Here are 5 things to assess:

1. Do you have clear social media goals?

When social media was young, we all started off just wanting to rack up the Twitter followers and get more Facebook fans. That’s great, but today social media is more sophisticated and you need to set some goals. Do you want your social media followers to spread the word about your business to others? Do you want them to call you for more information about your products and services? Do you want them to actually buy from you? Likes and retweets are all very well, but set some goals regarding sales-related results such as leads generated, customer inquiries or sales made.

2. Are you measuring your results?

A vague sense that social media is helping isn’t enough. You need metrics to determine which social media outlets are working for you and which aren’t. Use analytics tools such as those that come with Twitter and Facebook to assess the results of your social media campaigns and see if you’re achieving your goals.

3. Are you spending too much time on social media?

Social media is valuable but can easily suck hours out of your day. Look into social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to simplify the process of posting, tweeting and replying to your fans and followers. This will ultimately save you valuable time and make social media more manageable.

4. Are you where your customers are?

Times change and so do the places where your customers like to hang out on social media. Maybe the teens who once gathered on Facebook have moved on to Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. Maybe local restaurant diners have moved from Yelp to a smaller, local restaurant review site. Keep tabs on your customers’ and target markets’ behavior so you can move along with them. Google Analytics is a great free tool to show you where website visitors are coming from so you can see which social media sites drive the most visits and notice which ones are growing or dwindling in effectiveness.

5. Are you keeping current with social media trends and news?

Social media changes constantly, so be sure you stay current on new platforms, trends and tools. Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today and Mashable.com are three useful sites for updates and advice on what matters to small business when it comes to getting social.

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