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Do You Have Good Office Manners?

Do You Have Good Office Manners?

You know the type: loud and disruptive. Thinks everyone wants to hear the latest story about a new client. Or what about the person who leaves a mess in the shared kitchen space? Do you have one of those types in your office? Or worse, are you that person?

Besides not eating all the good cookies, here are 10 ways NOT to annoy your office mates:

1. Introduce Yourself

If you are new to the office building or someone new leases a space, make sure you say hello. It’s not only friendly, it can also be a safety measure so you know who should or shouldn’t be in the office.

2. Use Headphones

No one wants to hear your phone conversations when they are trying to work. Use an appropriate volume when speaking, and use headphones so your neighbors don’t hear the person on the other end.

3. Dress Appropriately

You may not have to answer to a boss anymore but wearing socially appropriate clothing is an easy way to not cause friction at your workplace. Take a look around and make sure you’re not causing a spectacle.

4. Get a Room!

Don’t hold meetings in an open space. Plan ahead and reserve a conference room to hold a meeting (and close the door). Likewise, try to have conversations out of open shared areas.

5. Be Curious

Ask what other businesses people are running and be genuine about your questions. You never know what services might come in handy and you might be able to negotiate some deals.

6. Avoid Office Gossip

Just like in middle school, once you start gossiping eventually you become the subject of the gossip. Politely decline to join the conversation.

7. Ask Before Borrowing

Don’t assume because you borrowed another person’s equipment you can continue to borrow it.

8. Don’t Interrupt and Don’t Hover

Nothing is worse than having someone hovering waiting to talk to you. Send an email or leave a note asking to see the person when they are free.

9. Don’t Be Loud

If you have certain tasks that make noise try and schedule them when most people aren’t in the office, use a conference room, or take it offsite.

10. Silence Your Cell Phone

Make it a habit to turn your phone to vibration mode in shared areas so you don’t disturb others.

While these may seem like simple tips, they can really make a difference in your office relationships. Remember the people in your office can be valuable connections and relationships, so try to be the best office mate possible.
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