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Holiday Gift Giving For Clients

Holiday Gift Giving For Clients

The holidays are busy enough without having to run around at the last minute shopping for client gifts. Luckily, it’s easy to do your holiday shopping online without ever leaving your office space. Here are five tips for giving client gifts you’ll be remembered for:

1. Promotional items.

If you have a large number of gifts to give to current or potential clients, you might consider investing in promotional products you can give during the holidays and throughout the year. Small promotional items such as private labeled wine openers or reusable water bottles are economical, but you have to order a large amount at once, which can be a lot to spend. On the plus side, if you choose something appropriate and useful, your business name will be in front of clients’ eyes every time they use the item.

2. Personalized items.

You can go personal and thoughtful if you don’t have as many clients to buy for, but shopping for the right personal item can be time-consuming. Make a point to take notes about each client’s personal interests during the year so you can refer to your notes when it’s time to buy presents. Will they be expecting a baby soon, or becoming “empty nesters”? Does she love golf; does he love cigars? Putting in the extra thoughtfulness to buy something related to your client’s life is sure to get your gift noticed.

3. Gift certificates.

Sending gift certificates is always appreciated around the holidays since most people are busy and could use a dinner out or even a latte from a local gourmet coffee shop. Plus, gift cards are easy to send, and most of the time you can send an e-card for any dollar amount.

4. Charities.

Offering to contribute to your client’s favorite charity shows your business is about more than making a profit. Your client will appreciate the donation and remember your business for making a socially responsible effort.

5. Holiday party.

If you want to use the holidays to celebrate and thank your clients and perhaps get to know them better, consider throwing a small party in your office building. It can be as simple as hot cocoa and desserts or something more elaborate such as a cocktail party with entertainment. Hire a party planner if you’re too busy to plan the event.

Keep in mind, you can write off no more than $25 per person for business gifts in a year.


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