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How to Keep Employees Engaged in Summer

How to Keep Employees Engaged in Summer

The days are hot, the nights are breezy, kids are out of school, and the mood of the office is relaxed. With weather so bright and beautiful, it’s hard not to stare out the window and long to be on a bike, at a barbecue, or simply soaking up the sun-anywhere but the office.

While it’s easy to empathize, the reality is that work still has to get done in the summer. But you can take some measures like the ones below to let employees enjoy this season and still stay engaged at work.

Plan for Vacations

Everyone knows that this is prime time for taking trips. Anticipate absences by asking employees to tell you at least a couple weeks ahead of time when they will be on vacation and plan with them how their work will get done in that time.

Will they finish important tasks ahead of time? Who will handle parts of their work that can’t be put off while they’re gone? Figuring out the logistics now will keep the office running smoothly.

Emphasize Health and Wellness

Summer is an opportune time to run programs to improve the collective health and wellness of your business.

Employees that want to participate can wear pedometers and set goals for walking a certain number of steps by the end of the month. Hire a yoga instructor to teach a session in your office. Have a healthy food potluck.

Simple initiatives like these show that your company values your employees’ well being and reinforces the connection they feel with their work during a time when it’s easy to lose sight of where they and the company are headed.

Hold Team Events

At the outset, summer might seem like a bad time to host a team building event. But because people are more open to new experiences and often have extra time to spare during the workday, investing time in building your team can have high returns.

Plan activities that reinforce communication, problem-solving, or team work outside to take advantage of the sunny weather and add appeal and value to the event.

Meet for Performance Check-ups

As we approach the halfway point of the year, take a look at where your team as a whole and as individuals are in meeting their performance goalsSet aside a few minutes to meet with every team member to acknowledge where they are excelling and what solutions are available for closing any gaps.

Looking at a snapshot of where they are on their way to success will inevitably motivate employees to refocus on their work in a positive way that makes them want to move forward.

So it turns out that you can have it both ways: you and your team can enjoy the pleasures of the summer season while also achieving new heights on the job. It’s just a matter of allowing some freedom while reminding them what they’re working toward.

And while you’re trying to keep your business on track, don’t forget to take some time for yourself to enjoy the beaches, barbecues, and beautiful weather.

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