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How To Use Linkedin To Get More Business

How To Use Linkedin To Get More Business

Are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? In a study of 3,000 LinkedIn users, the authors of Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code identified 4.9 percent as “top sellers” getting substantial new business from LinkedIn. Top sellers have three things in common: They use more features more often and more strategically than the average user.

To become a top seller:

Get Active In LinkedIn Groups

The average top seller is highly active in 30 Groups. Join and use Groups strategically. Visit the profiles of people you want to get introduced to, see what groups they’re in and join. You’ll get on the person’s radar, see what he or she is saying and learn his or her business concerns and challenges. With this information in hand, you’re better poised to pitch your services in a way that resonates.

Hone Your Personal Profile

Create a complete and customer-focused profile that shares how you help your clients, explains the results you’ve achieved for them, and lists top clients. Use keywords relevant for your industry so your profile shows up in search results. Also add supporting content such as white papers, customer case studies, articles you’ve written, and PowerPoint, slide shows or videos.

Post Regular Updates

The Updates stream on a user’s LinkedIn homepage is like Facebook’s News Feed: When you post new information, it’s displayed to all your LinkedIn connections. Don’t do a hard sell; post links to interesting articles or useful information. Posting once or twice a week keeps your business top of mind.

Check On Your Connections Regularly

Spend 10 to 15 minutes a day:

1) scanning the “People You May Know” list in your feed and sending personalized invitations to those you want to connect with;

2) liking or writing notes about accomplishments;

3) looking at your connections’ connections to see if there’s anyone you’d like to get introduced to; and

4) writing a Recommendation for someone you have worked with.

Get Employees Involved

Anyone involved in sales or business development at your company should have his or her own LinkedIn page. The more people at your business who use LinkedIn, the more exponentially your sales will grow.

Don’t Forget Your LinkedIn Company Page

Integrate it with your business website and social media presence. Keep it fresh by sharing new content regularly and reaching out with offers such as product demos, white papers or other useful information for prospects.

Be a Giver

Create relationships on LinkedIn by focusing on what you can give others—endorsements, useful information, interesting links—not what you can get.

Finally, check out the LinkedIn Official Blog to learn about new features and get tips for maximizing results.

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