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Why Locate Your Business in Irvine, CA

Why Locate Your Business in Irvine, CA

Long stretches of beautiful beaches, near perfect weather, quaint historic neighborhoods and modern business buildings—Orange County has it all. It also happens to have the safest city in the entire nation, the affluent suburban city of Irvine. Sound a little too beige for your eclectic tastes? Maybe it’s time to look again. With a thriving large and small business community, here are five reasons to have your office space in Irvine:

1. Planned community.

The layout of Irvine was designed by a Los Angeles architect and is divided into townships called villages. The townships are separated by six-lane streets. Each township contains houses of similar design, along with commercial centers, religious institutions and schools. Then, commercial districts are checker-boarded in a periphery around the central villages.

It’s true there are some disadvantages to having a planned community such as the general uniformity of the city, but take a drive and the city is not as Stepford as you might think. Beautiful parks and buildings, bike trails and a college community give it a welcoming feel and might suck you into wanting to live and work within its borders.

2. Transportation hub.

Not only is Orange County’s John Wayne International Airport adjacent to Irvine, but close to Irvine Spectrum is a large Amtrak Rail station. The city is also accessible by many major freeways.

3. Educated employees.

If you’re hoping to hire top talent, Irvine has a 97 percent high school graduation rate (as compared to 76 percent in California). The University of California at Irvine is located here, boasting more than 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students. UCI is rated a top research school and offers successful programs in public health, pharmaceutical sciences and nursing; and a 4-year-old law school already ranked among the nation’s top 10 for its scholarly impact.

4. Young.

With a population of over 242,000 and an almost equal number of largely white and Asian residents, the city comes in at number five on Nerdwallet.com’s Best Cities for Young Families. Irvine’s median age for residents is a mere 33, while median household income is $100K.

5. Weather.

We said it above, but it bears repeating, Irvine, like most of coastal Southern California, has a near perfect weather with a Mediterranean climate (warm-to-hot summers, and cool-to-warm winters, rarely falling below freezing.


About the Author: Jeff Reinstein has been the Chief Executive Office of Premier Business Centers for over 12 years. He has helped the Irvine based business grow from 9 locations into over 70, providing him with a thorough knowledge of the Irvine business environment.


Photo Credit: LA Fitness Signature club Irvine CA photo D Ramey Logan" by WPPilot - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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