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Locating Office Space for Rent in Cincinnati, OH

Locating Office Space for Rent in Cincinnati, OH

The National League of Cities named Cincinnati as one of the best cities for small business in 2014. It’s an acknowledgement of the pro-business environment the local government has worked to build, and a significant reason to set your business up in Cincy. But it’s far from the only reason.

If you’re thinking of setting up shop in this economic powerhouse of a Midwestern city, there’s plenty of office space for rent in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Chiquita Center is one example of a versatile building that could fit the needs of many businesses because it’s a Class-A building with beautiful views of downtown Cincinnati, underground and street parking, and easy access to I-75, I-71 and I-471. It even has a Subway, Starbucks, and  Bagel Stop on the second floor.

The city itself offers fertile ground for small businesses to plant seeds of success. The local economy is feeling the boost of the entertainment industry with the recent production of feature films and television shows. Banks in Cincinnati have quickly embraced the cutting edge technology of mobile payments with Apple Pay. And it’s one of the most tax-friendly cities for businesses in the U.S., offering job creation tax credits, property investment reimbursement, and tax increment districts among other tax benefits

If you’re still unsure about Cincinnati, the Small Business Enterprise Program works to abolish discrimination against small businesses, contributing to the culture of celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. Companies like Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, Inc., and Kroger have recognized this already by locating their home offices in Cincinnati. Why not let your business be next?

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