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Make Your Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Make Your Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Do you own a smartphone? Of course you do—like more than half of Americans. That number is growing, and so is the amount of time your customers spend on their smartphones. In fact, according to eMarketer, the amount of time people spend on their mobile devices is growing 14 times faster than the amount of time they spend on their desktop computers. People increasingly use their smartphones for just about everything—and that includes keeping up with social media.

What does this trend mean to your small business’s social media marketing?

Keep it Short.

When you post social media content, envision users interacting with it on their mobile phone screens—not on a giant desktop. Keep text brief and to the point, so mobile users don’t get bored. Use bit.ly or other URL-shortening tools to keep your URLs brief, too.

Link to Mobile-Friendly Content.

If you are linking to your website or your own content, make sure the URL goes to a mobile-friendly page. If you include a call to action (i.e. Buy Now!, Call Today!), make sure the action can easily be completed on a mobile device.

Think Visually.

Images are increasingly important to mobile social media. Put your images in the body of the tweet or post rather than using links. Also make sure they’re easily viewable on mobile devices—for instance, infographics, while popular, are typically tough to see on a smartphone. Consider breaking down an infographic into smaller images and sharing them one at a time.

Try Out Twitter.

According to Pew data, 18 percent of all Internet users are now on Twitter. One reason for its growing popularity is that its brevity lends itself to mobile use. If you haven’t already checked out Twitter for marketing, give it a try!

Investigate Instagram.

Pew also reports 18 percent of Internet users are now on the photo-sharing site Instagram. While Instagram skews young right now, it is rapidly growing and could potentially follow in the footsteps of Facebook as parents start exploring the site because their kids are on there. Instagram is especially popular with users in visual fields such as graphic design or photography.

Get Interactive.

Mobile social media users love to take pictures, so encourage interaction with followers by asking them to share photos of themselves using your products or at an event sponsored by your business.

Get ‘Appy.

It should go without saying, but be sure you download mobile social media apps so you, too, can keep up with your business’ social media accounts from your mobile device—wherever you are.


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