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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ever buy a product online, only to receive an almost immediate email asking you to rate their customer service? As a fellow business owner, you want to help out by filling out the survey, but who has the time? Most of these surveys are too time-consuming and confusing anyway.

Unfortunately, most of your customers are probably saying the same about your customer service satisfaction surveys, which can hurt your business if you don’t know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

In fact, studies show reducing your customer defection rate by 5 percent can increase your profitability by 25 to 125 percent. Online survey programs like Survey Monkey or QuestionPro can help you create your survey and tally your results. But, besides avoiding surveys that are too long, what are some other mistakes to avoid with your surveys?

1. Don't put all the questions on one page.

Break up the questions by putting one question per page. That way you won’t lose your audience because of over scrolling.

2. Don’t forget your logo.

Use the survey as a branding opportunity and use your company colors and logo throughout your survey.

3. How long is this survey anyway?

Consider using a progress bar to show how much is left and encourage the customer to finish the survey.

4. Don't assault the eyes.

Avoid using too many images, bright colors, or fancy fonts.

5. Avoid spelling errors.

If necessary, hire an editor to go over the survey with an expert eye before you send it out.

6. Minimize open-ended questions.

Don’t use too many text fields that need to be filled out and make filling in names and email addresses optional.

7. Give your survey a name.

Make sure you put a title on your survey so responders know it’s a different survey you want them to fill out. Not just “How are we doing?” Try “Did you like your recent purchase?” or “Would you recommend our company?” Be as specific as possible.

8. Give 'em an incentive.

Why should your customer fill out the survey? It could be as simple as asking for honest opinions (many customers want their opinion heard). But you may need to offer an incentive such as a discount on their next purchases or the chance to win a prize.

9. Always ask for more.

If your customer has a specific complaint, make sure your survey enables them to request that you either email or speak to your unhappy customers on a one-on-one basis so you can resolve the issue. Also, allow space for them to explain their complaint, so that even if they don't want to be contacted further they can voice their opinion.

10. Remember to thank your customers for their time.

When the survey is over, show them that it's complete and redirect them back to your home page or a suggestion page of items or services they might like.

When creating your survey, think about one's you've taken in the past and analyze why you took them and what about them you liked or didn't like. This should give you a basis for understanding your customer's and creating a high quality survey.


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